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Whats Your Favorite Brand of Spoons


Whats Your Favorite Brand of Spoons?  

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  1. 1. Whats Your Favorite Brand of Spoons?

    • Dreamweaver
    • Fishlander
    • Fuzzy Bear
    • Magna Dyne
    • Moonshine
    • Northern King
    • Raider
    • Stinger
    • Wolverine
    • Other - Please specify in post.

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Im boycotting fishlander spoons, and actually anything that says it. In the Pro/Am in Frankfort, the fishlander pro boat cut behind me and took all my lead core out. This was after i called on the radio and said i had core out and was fighting 2 fish. I lost all the core 2 fish and 4 lures. I will never buy anything from them again! So Dreamweaver all the way!!

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Rac spoon fishing mainly in Lake Ontario

favorites colors:

for steelheads and cohoes:


michael Jackson

fire tiger

# 120

a couple more depending on the day

for Kings:

blue berry muffin


5 diamonds

orange crush


a couple more depending on the day

The glow early in the morning


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#1 Stinger jawbreaker spoon.

#2 Bloody nose silver streak

#3 Blue Green Dolphin Fishlander, (Spoonfeed,) I dont blame you for being ticked off that would make me mad two but I have fished the dreamweavers along side the fishlanders and outfished the DW 3 to 1 on more than one occasion. I have bolth.

#4 last but not least the pro king orange tiger holographic.

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They all work for me. Sometimes one brand will outshine the other, and I do find that some are better than others in certain colors, but all catch fish just fine.

But if I had to pick just one it would be Michigan Stinger NBK MAG. A day in - day out producer.

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I voted Stinger, but I'm not brand loyal in regards to spoons and will fish any lure that is successful. I'm more brand loyal with some plugs due to the success I've had with them, but not with spoons. I have some of just about everything in my tackle box, but last year I had pretty good luck with the hammered color patterns from Stinger. This year, I'm sure a different spoon will emerge as my favorite.

Anxiously awaiting my first 2007 trip out,

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Each has a few "HOT" models, here are a few of my faves:

Silver Streak: Echip Blue Dolphin

Evil Alewife

Ole Yeller - catches anything that swims, as long as it is on

the deepest rigger!

Dreamweaver: Most Super Slims

Goldie Hawn

Lime Icicle

Andy's Walleye Slapper

Bloody Death II

Roy's Salmon Slapper

VQ Blue Dolphin

VQ Green Dolphin

Mixed Vegetables

Northern King: HWTM !! You don't own one, you should.

Kevorkian (I know everybody has one, just prefer this one)

Die Hard


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I voted stinger also, mainly because that is mostly what's used on my boat. They do catch fish no doubt, but, their paint really sucks. There are so many other lure companies out there with patterns that are very close that I'm going to have to give them a whirl. @ $4-$5 a pop I would think that the paint would hold a up a little better.

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I voted Moonshine because over the last 4 years they have been my most consistant spoon in low light conditions. Once the sun is up then you have to match conditions and what the fish seem to want to pick a spoon but in the dark I will always have some Moonshines down and they pretty much always catch fish.

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