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  1. FISH FISH FISH Spill the coffee or anything else I'm eating or drinking while grabbing the rod:D. That was last year,my first season of Great Lakes fishing. Fished off of a 12' boat with a 1956 7.5 hp Evinrude and a small electric kicker. Now I have a 24' thompson woohoo:grin: so it will be easier to clean the spills.
  2. My favorite; the one that is in a fishes mouth attached to a rod in my boat.
  3. Try putting two singles side by side with points in opposite directions.
  4. Good idea, let's have it in Marquette:grin:, just kidding;)
  5. January 19 is the deadline for filing a comment with FERC, anyone can have their comments on file. after Jan. 19 FERC will not take any more comments from the public. Contact info; Peggy Harding, 312-596-4430 [email protected] or Scott Airato, 312-596-4431 [email protected] Thanks, Andrew.
  6. I'm Andrew, aka; fishound, gitchedrewme, drewupnorth, upnorth, @#$%^&. Now that the lakes are freezing I will be spending more time on the web, sharing info at sites like this. I moved to Marquette Oct. of 08, last summer I learned about the local fishing. Put lakers, coho, kings, walleye in the freezer:grin:, I've decided to concetrate on the salmonids from now on, as they are the best fighters and taste well too, although all types of fishing are good. See you on the water, ice or soft, rain, snow or shine.
  7. Here in Marquette a dam on the Dead River is proposed, to replace the one that broke a few years back. Cohos are all non stockers here, this dam will destroy spawning habitat. With all the threats to non game species and the fishery that we sportsman pay for we cannot afford to give up any habitat. The fisheries biologists I have talked to agree with this. The only reason for the dam is for a beach at the Tourist Park Campground and for a few property owners (some are on the city council voting for the dam) to have a water front again. What's wrong with water front property on a world class trout and salmon stream? Any suggestions will be appreciated, please help to get the word out. Thanks, Andrew
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