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    When i'm not working you can find me on the water somewhere in this Great state we live in.
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    The Sewer Capitol of MI
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    fishing,hunting,and fishing
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    Mason Tender [Laborer] not the greatest job in the world.

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  1. There is a real nice 31' on www.SouthShoreMarine.com i believe it is a 2 owner boat and it shows ! Go check it out...
  2. Eric do you still have the 9'9 Loomis? If so pm me or email me..
  3. Good job Adam, but it looks like dad is a little tired, did you run him ragged!:grin:
  4. Something I found out. Lowrance has discontinued the LCX-111C and the LCX-110. They are coming out with the LCX-113C and LCX-112 to replace these models. This is why the price is so low on this model If someone was to buy one of these units, and something would happen to it beyond repair would Lowrance give you something of equal value ?? I would be hesitant to buy something that is discontinued...IMHO...
  5. I agree too....The toughest boat by far for bumpy days on the lake..
  6. Thanks guys.. Forgot to mention that the top fish is a brown, on my scale it was 16lbs on my scale and we weighed it at a certified scale 6 hrs later it weighed 17.2 so i guess mine is off .. I took it to the taxidermist for my brother..I would say that's a big brown for the east side..
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