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  1. Do you have any openings, i just lost my storage (the guy sold the building) and need a home till probably april. if you do, could you let me know rates and i'll go from there. Oh i have a 22 ft islander.
  2. GIBBY74

    Salmon boil ?

    Been to several Salmon boils over the years and everyone seems to have different ingredients. so the question is what is your favorite salmon boil recipe?
  3. I vote for all the above, lightly breaded, pan fried laker. grilled, fried, baked, broiled or boiled salmon. i'm hungry already.
  4. Great Job Guy's, So Much For The 2-4 Footers That Noaa Was Calling For.
  5. I agree and if your take and get the web material and a snap you can make a full harness that goes between the legs.
  6. Unfortunately i do not, that is going to be my next purchase. I see kell labs has the depth raider for $429 so i'm saving my pennies:) there where several boats in this area that were landing fish, not much radio chatter though.
  7. I was straight out from the light house zig zagging in 110-130ft. Most hits were in 120-127 fow. Marked lots of fish and bait,from 60ft all the way to the bottom.
  8. headed out later that wanted around 6 p.m., but ended up going 2-5, nice 15 & 17 lb kings, 1 came on lemon ice 60 down around 130ft of water the other on a green fly 150 ft back on dipsy around same water depth. My 7 year old lost a nice steelie at the boat mainly due to trying to net it. but overall a good night. Had one hook up on the dipsy that spit the hook at the boat, when i reeled it in i found that the snubber had broke and the dipsy had never released, this was a new one for me.
  9. I have done really well with the krw flies. good quality, nice storage all around good in my eyes.
  10. I Like The Quality Of Moonshine And Dream Weaver.
  11. referred by another site great site guys
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