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  1. If I could only use one Brand name it would be Stinger...HANDS DOWN.
  2. I'm with Capt. Bill on this. This termination is simple and it really works well. I used to use crimps too, but feel that it may in fact put a weak link in my line.
  3. Our largest King was 24.4 lbs and took the top pro spot in the SWMSH contest for 2007. Not bad for St. Joe! We also took the top Laker spot. Maybe another trophy too, I don't keep track too much and haven't made arrangments to pick up the trophies yet. We had a skam that tipped the scales at 20 lb. even but the customer was in a hurry, it was late, and we couldn't find a certified scale to get it officially weighed.
  4. There was a 12 lb. walleye weighed in at Broadlows that was caught on Wednesday. Awesome bonus!
  5. I know that we enjoyed some real fine catches of perch on our charters last season. Inquiries for perch trips are increasing, and with the gas prices I may have to push perchin trips a little harder this year. Plus the kids have a Blast when we're on a good school.
  6. Ron Paul was the only good choice, but big business and big politicians will win out again. Where's Ross Perot? I think he woulda won this time round.
  7. I have a regular customer who was ill 15 times his first trip, about 10 his second trip, and never since following these directions. 1. Stay out of the bar the night before... 2. Get a decent nights sleep the night before 3. Eat a moderate breakfast (not too greasy) 4. Start taking Less Drowsy Dramamine two days prior to the trip and continue taking the regular dosage till the trip is over. (taking dramamine just prior to the trip will sometimes actually cause the illness itself) 5. Bring plenty of water, gingerale, ginger snaps for the trip. 6. Avoid the lower cabin if at all possible. He has taken three trips a year for the past 3 years without issue. Any folks who follow this regimen has been fine also.
  8. You can't have too many lead core variations! But a couple half cores, full cores, and 2.5 colors will get er done for you. If you are sinkin a walleye board with 4 oz. of weight something is wrong. I have run 1/2 lb. balls behind them. (Just don't stop or turn too sharp) I even know a capt. who runs 1/2 lb balls infront of full cores to acheive even more depth. It works for him, but I call it a tangle waiting to happen!
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