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  1. Picked up three nice lake trout, five to seven LB. just north of Cook plant 06/09/07. 60 to 70 ft. down in 90 to 100 ft. of water. Fish were caught from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM on blue dolphin spoons. Thanks bags
  2. I use 16 lb. magnathin most of the time. I use Cortland flea-flickerline when I have to. Thanks bags
  3. I do not keep a log because there are to many variables fishing lake MI. Wind direction, water temp., bate fish location, time of day, and bate fish size. Thanks bags
  4. I like the four seasons MI. has. Thanks bags
  5. If I still did not get excited when a fish got on. I probably would not fish any more. I would buy my fish at a store. Thanks bags
  6. A card was left on my windshield at boat launch. Thanks bags
  7. Do not like to use anything that interferes with the fight of the fish. That includes flashers. Thank you bags
  8. The Stinger blue dophin is the single most productive spoon I use. Thanks bags
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