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Fished aboard the "Johnnie V. Brownski" with two young up and comers this morning. From TOO early to 3 ish. Went 17 for who knows with 4 browns, rest coho. Big brown was around 5-6 lb.

Brads thin Fish did the most damage, red gander stinger took a few, blue/green dolphin, and some secret spoons of Jon's.

High lines,1 and 2 color cores and riggers w/spoons 23 back 8-10 down.

Fished 8 to 30 fow.

Had a blast watching his grandkids reel in ALOT of fish.

Thanks for the trip John,Tyler and Zach!


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Nice Job!

I think we came back in right behind you folks at the launch, those little guys look familiar...

If that was your crew thanks for the heads up about my outdrive!!!


Yep yep. Man that wind played hell with us tryin to dock.

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