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  1. Sounds to be tapeworms, DNR has reported an increase in infections. Here's a few posts and picture on it. Talks about cooking the meat thoroughly and if safe to eat. https://www.michigan.gov/documents/dnr/tapeworm-walleye_231757_7.pdf; https://www.michigan-sportsman.com/forum/threads/walleye-with-worms-pictures.288231/
  2. Incredible catch!! Miss fishing with you! Hope all is well! Drop a line if you guys ever return
  3. Looking for a 14'-16' aluminum fishing boat preferably with live-well(s), tiller motor, or with no steering wheel column. If pictures are available it would help. If you have or know someone that has one please message me here.
  4. Nice fish Roger! Well done. Tell the little lady Hi for me
  5. Nice boat and lots of deck room! Congrats.
  6. Thanks Matt for having me on the boat. Could not have asked for better weather. It was a great time and I learned alot. :thumb:I will get to the rods a little faster next time!
  7. Good job! :thumb:Congrats on a good day of fishing.
  8. Nice catch guys! Looks like you got some really nice fish. Congrats on the good trip.
  9. Nice job Hunter, wish I would have had a skip day like that. Congrats on the great day of fishing GLF and crew
  10. Lmao, thanks for that story Mike. I needed that laugh. But you also made me rethink about trying to launch a boat with my stickshift truck. I can only hope that I will never be in need of a tow truck at the launch. Good luck fishing and keep your head above water.
  11. What a GREAT way to thank a guy for taking you fishing lol. If you think he is such a bad fisherman, why do you have his signature under your name..: confused: Everytime I have gone fishing with Mike he has done great. Somedays we hit em, somedays not a bite.. good luck
  12. I agree with Matt, I seem to learn more and more everytime I come to the forums. I have only been going out for 2yrs now and if it wasen't for the help of others on this site I would have never got into the fishing or tournaments. As for the lead core, it hurts but it sure does bring em in lol. The first time I was taken out and Sea-mac said the rookie gets the 10 color, I was like what the heck is that? Well of course that sucker had to go off and I swear 20 mins into it my arms were frooze up and falling off. Once I got the King in the boat and got feeling back I thought, that was worth it and if that is the only way they are getting in the boat, BRING IT ON. Thanks guys!!
  13. What a great way to spend the 4th with the kids, FISHING!! Nice job Mike.
  14. Nice Job Mike. Hope that you start getting the big ones in the boat soon!! Let me know when you want to have a powderpuff day.
  15. Glad no one was hurt. Hope you get a nice replacement!! Looking forward to fishing with you both soon, June 1st. NO FARMING!!
  16. Aww, that is too cute! She goes where you go...and gets em in the boat. Lucky man.
  17. Nice!! 2-2 You two are already ahead of most of us. Teresa, still looking forward to another powder-puff trip..
  18. I plan on being in Muskegon with Sea-Mac, slaughtering the fish. Hopefully they will still be there..... I wish everyone a great holiday weekend.
  19. I am tring to find someone to tune up my motor, preferably around Central or Northern Michigan. Does anyone know anyone good that might work on an old 1969 90 hr Evenrude outboard? Thanks for your help and let me know.
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