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My new fishing partner and member of our family.


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I had to put our lab Shiloh down this past spring and I've been missing him bad ever since. Last trip I made to the kal all I could do the whole time was think about my best friend not being with me. I saw the pics of dubblelung with his walleye and his lab beside him and I just couldn't stand it any longer. I decided it was high time I go get me a new fishing buddy. My wife and kids told me "its about time". Guess they've been missing Shiloh too. So we packed up the whole family and went and picked us out a new puppy :)

Introducing "Eli" the newest member of our family!



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Hey Erik, I just now saw this thread. I am very sorry to hear about your dog and hope your new pup will be a good one. When I get home I would be more than happy to post some more pics if you would like. Something that is very ironic though is my lab is named "Shiloh" too!!:D I hope all goes well with the puppy!:)

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My lab looked just like this. She was bread as a show dog, but brought to the vet to be put down. The vet didn't have the heart to put her down. She had slight displacia witch the vet fixed. He kept her for two years, and offered her to a good home. We gladly accepted. She left us at the age of 12. Lab's are some of the best mannered dogs out there, and great with children.

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