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  1. I just took the windshield off a mastercraft skiboat and these bolts and tape are whats under the aluminum extrusion. I don't know of another way so its going back as stock. I'm down here near elkhart indiana so I'm hoping to find the foam tape local. here the links for example- http://www.boatersland.com/tay1166.html http://www.ebay.com/itm/T-BOLT-BOAT-WINDSHIELD-MARINE-HOLD-DOWNS-SET-OF-36-BOLTS-DIRECT-REPLACEMENT-/281111142141?vxp=mtr
  2. Just shooting from the hip here, but what about a Tyvek(type) material glued up into a removable liner? I doubt any bag would withstand the weight of 10 salmon pulled out of a 2' square opening. Might be a interesting project to try out. GTR
  3. Hey guys, Need some advice- We have been fishing with less than up-to-date electronics for years, a decent old garmin gps and a hummingbird fish-finder, can't really complain as we usually do pretty well. Now for my "problem" a friend upgraded his electronics and donated his used stuff to my boat. Its a LMS-520c and an X510c, also have the LGC3000 external gps ant. and a (i believe)200hz skimmer transducer. Now as far as i can tell both units need a power cord, i have 1, and the 520c is the combo that the gps connects to with the "network" wire. If i get another power cord and a shoot-thru-hull 200hz transducer, should i run the 520c with gps and sonar with the shoot-thru-hull and the x510c with the skimmer transducer off the back? Is there any reason to network to two? FYI, the original owner really doesnt know jack about this/his stuff and I'm just trying to upgrade, if its worth the effort. Have not run a sonar test yet to see if the Pursuit hull is ok with shoot-thru. Guess what i'm asking is - what would you do with this free stuff? do you know of a maker of cheaper power cords? Thanks in advance, GTR
  4. Thanks. Yes want to shoot thru hull. Had not thought of silicone- the instructions say epoxy, but I don't know what kind...most epoxy yellows and cracks when in the elements, but thats sunlight or uv breaking it down I think, and this will be out of the direct light. GTR
  5. I have a friend that has replaced his sounder and gps with new, and he thoughtfuly donated his castoff units to me. These units are only 2 years old so its better than what we have now. My question is - what kind or brand of epoxy or glue is to be used for securing the tranducer to the inside of the hull (fiberglass). The instructions show it "potted" about half way up the height of the transducer, about 3/4 of an inch. Was thinking of building a dam around it w/ modeling clay to keep the glue from spreading all over. Any ideas whos glue to do this with? thanks, GTR
  6. Good post, thanks. Reminded me i wanted to find out what "pon,pon,pon" meant from Deadliest Catch. Read that there are different levels of distress. GTR
  7. WHAAAT...you mussa been on Empire Ave. Had to weave thru 300+ drinkin in the street 1 night gettin out late 11pm from dnr launch...WOW! F350 and a 24 ft boat didnt faze a single 1. I commented to my brother that "I like to see Gov. Granholm ride her bike through town now". Oh well still gonna fish:D maybe South Haven more this year if the thefts and horribl road conditions continue in BH. Busted an axle on trailer there last year:mad: GTR
  8. I just fed the angus herd...its in cass county. no PETA fans here. GTR
  9. You are livin the dream. Wedding fish,anniversary fish...lucky guy:) GTR
  10. Welcome Jason. like you I found this site and its been great ever since:D GTR ps i'm just down 12 from you...got a farm by shavehead lk. that snowblower and skidloader forks in your pic just remind me of the work that needs done....oh well it will wait- it gettin time to fish!!!
  11. Welcome Maketheturn. You guys see this guys web site? They do weddins. Can you imagine saying "I DO....wait baby FISH ON!!!":D GTR
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