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Another Big One!


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After my buddies big fish earlier this week, I couldn't wait for Saturday morning and fishing with my girls. We had a great morning. My 6 year old daughter Veronica gets her first master angler fish. It was a 12-3/16 inch slab red ear. It weighed 1 lb 5 ozs. I had just dropped a minnow down the hole and this fish came charging in for it but stopped short. I told Veronica to pull up her bait, a waxworm on a super glow jig. She did, he hit it and Veronica stuck him. It was a good fight for her on an ultra light spinning rod. The drag was screaming at times. This one is going on the wall.


Dad was sure proud!

He really knows how to hang one out in front of the camera.:rolleyes:


A more realistic view. My shanty has a 3 x 3ft hole, it's like watching an aquarium. We knew this was was a slab when he came in. We didn't hit a lot of fish today but we saw quite a few.


It was kind of neat that Veronica was wearing her oldest sister's hand me down coat. Olivia got this master angler spec when she was 6 yr olds. It was the biggest crappie entered in the 08 Master angler program. I think I posted it here back then. That is a lucky fishing jacket!;)


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