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  1. Steve, RIP my friend and tight lines forever.

  2. Thanks guys but the trouble is the guy I bought the boat from bolted a piece of 3/4 treated plywood to the inside of the transom. He claimed the original transom was fine but wanted something he could put screws into without hurting anything. The other thing is with the Stinger out drive it leaves at least an 18 inch square hole when it is removed so figured it would be just as easy to replace everything.
  3. Anyone ever try replacing the transom in a 22 ft. aluminum boat? I want to go from the old I/O to an outboard. With Starcraft Stinger 400 outdrive there will be a huge hole where the outdrive sets so figured on just replacing the whole thing.I know you need the cut out in the center of the transom so the motor will clear the bottom of the boat, not even sure at this point what motor and how long of shaft I will be dealing with. Then there is the splash pan to be made and installed, just not sure it is worth all the work.
  4. I have 2 never used Tit-Loc rod holders with mounting bases i will sell for 30 a peice.
  5. "would like everyone to be 100 percent happy i know that isnt going to happen" Don you are 100 percent right. Do what you can to make the most happy and have a good time.
  6. He's a dandy Matt. Hope you get to put your tag on him.
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