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  1. On the Saginaw River, bright colored leadhead jigs (1/4-3/4 oz.) are by far the most productive for me followed by jigging raps in the sizes stated above. On the bay, #1 do-jiggers (thanks Adam) and jigging raps share the success. I will try more leadheads and deadsticking on the open water this winter. Thanks....
  2. Now that's what ice fishing is all about!!!!! Great fish!!!!!
  3. Sounds like a blast. Only a matter of time before you are chasing downs flags. Good luck.
  4. Nice job!!! Man, you are getting into some nice panfish!!!! Makes me want to hit some of my bluegill holes on LSC.
  5. To all members. The recent weather system has beat up the ice pretty bad. Some spots fished on Friday are no longer safe or accessable. I just don't want to see anyone get hurt doing what we all love to do.
  6. Had the pleasure to fish with Walleye Guy (Sturgeon Guy) this weekend on the bay. We got into them real good on Friday and the rest of the weekend was kind of uneventful. Fish were caught in 18ft. of water, mostly on jigging Raps an Do-jiggers. Thanks again Nick for putting me on some nice fish!!!!
  7. Great fish Walleye (Sturgeon) Guy!!!!!!! Not many people could have pulled that one off.
  8. Man, those are some nice panfish. I can still remember the first time my dad took me ice fishing. Been hooked ever since.
  9. Forgot rope and common sense. I know this topic has been beat into the ground, especially of late. Good luck and be safe.
  10. Nice job Adam!!! Again:) What safety equipment do you take with you on the bay??? My list includes: survival suit ( yep, I get razzed from time to time, whatever) ice pics, spud, seat cushion, gps,cell phone. I am not an expert on the bay and would like to know what you take with you. Thanks.
  11. Nice job Adam!!!! Much slower for myself on the river over the weekend. Lotta little ones to sort through.
  12. Nice looking rig Adam. (I checked the website). On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate the durabilty??? How is the ice comming along in the Lindwood area????
  13. A little more info. When fishing Vandy, we were in about 5-8 ft before the ice blew out. When fishing the river, we targeted channel edges(ice permitting) between 15-22 ft. Productive lures included do-jiggers (#1's and #3's) jigging raps(#5,7,9's) and leadhead jigs/minnow (1/4 oz-1/2 oz.)
  14. Fished w/ WalleyeGuy darn near every morning and evening from December 11thru December 31st, 2009. We bounced back and forth between Saginaw River and Vanderbelt Park. The fishing wasn't "hot" by our standards but we did manage to bring home a few decent walleye each trip and also some nice perch. I did pull up a nice northern one night.
  15. What's up Capt Ed??? Not much here. Just waitin for the weekend and counting my crankbaits. lol

  16. What's up Walleye Guy("HawgMeister"). Wecome aboard. Good people with high integrity on this site. You will enjoy. Hey, is it Friday yet???
  17. JWHEELER, we were vertical jigging w/live bait and rubber minnows. Fish were caught in approx. 18-21 ft. of water.
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