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went 9 for 12 in less than 3 hours last night...lost 1 cus i knocked it off with the net like a rookie...fished 90-130fow...speed 2.7temp-49deg110down.2 fish on 12 color with dr.death spoon..1on blue bubble flash fly...2 on green frog flasher with mt.dew 220 back.

2 fish 120 dn on rigger with a flintstone glow lure..1 90 dn on rigger with a nitro circus spoon..1 on 450 copper with flounder pounder...1 on 300 ft copper with area51 nitro..1 on a diehard spoon on 450 copper....snow snake nitro on rigger55 dn...maybe mike will chime in on what im forgetting...we lost the first fish at 7 and it was a good half hour before we took another hit

and we were pulling lines at 9:15 when we hit a triple...so there was a lot going on and im a little fuzzy on the specifics...i will post a pic when the wife sends it to my work email

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Matt it was a great night out on the water, I was fighting a fish and in that time Don set a diver, the diver went off, fought the fish, netted the fish, took the hook out, and put the fish in the cooler before I could even get the planer board to the back of the boat. Gotta love it when fish are ripping line out and all you can do is watch the line counter number get bigger and bigger.

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