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  1. Nice job guys. Looks like the Dirtysniffer is a powerful combo
  2. If anyone is wondering it was not fishsniffer2 that needed to go.
  3. There were about 13 other boat captains watching the scale when this fish was weighed so..... think before you start questioning other peoples post. It was a great day on the water and congrats Ken!
  4. Nice job Terry silver streaks flat out catch fish!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Jake Harris likes himself too much and is really cocky! Hopefully Sig can knock him down bit. What Keith did was wrong but what Johnathan said to Keith about his brother was hitting below the belt.
  6. You are correct John having fun and laughter is the key and man did we laugh:lol:
  7. I always know it is going to be a great time when the super crew gets together. Did not catch a lot of fish but as usual it was a great trip. I never fished off the old dog but the new dog fishes sweet!
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