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  1. Whats the best ramp to use around Saugatuck for a 27ft amberjack? Also any Idea where I could keep the trailer over the weekend. Coming into town for the tournament.
  2. Ill be in Holland next weekend. Yacht Basin Marina. Stop by the boat ill show ya some set ups that may help. We'll be fishing during the day so early evening would be best. Not sure what slip we will have yet but give me a call. 616-299-8344.
  3. We came from behind to take first place. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  4. Fished a couple miles north of Whitehall this weekend. We caught big kings from 100 fow to 140 fow. Long coppers in 300, 400, and 450. Mag dipseys back 220 to 260 set on 1.5. Flys and meat rigs did all the damage. Thanks for everyone involved on the tournament committee. It was a well run event.
  5. Took some guys and a gal from work last night and fished from 5 to 10. We left Muskegon and ran to Whitehall and set up on a south troll. 120 fow seemed the best. We ended up 15 for 25 for the night. Seemed like everything in the water was taking fish. Divers were hottest lows out 90 highs out 130. Meat, Fly's and spoons were all working. SOG at 2.5 to 3.0. With a bunch of rookies on the boat the landing ratio wasn't that great. I even let them net all the fish.
  6. Nice box. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  7. we ran a couple early, maybe for the first hour. Nothing would go for us. We were trolling around 2.7 to 3.0 at the ball. Slower when fish were on.
  8. We fished the South Haven Steelheaders Pro/am this weekend. I must say it was the best three days fishing I've ever had. We found a program that worked from Friday to Sunday and those fished never left. Went 20 for 24 Friday by 12:30. Saturday we had our 15 fish limit and were back at the dock at 10:30 and Sunday we had our limit and were back at the dock at 11. We fished a couple miles north of port in 30-45 fow. High divers out 70-90 low divers 50ft. Most hits came on boards and most of the time we never even had a rigger in the water except for the probe. Best rig was a 100 copper with a stinger copper jagerbomb. 150 copper was also very good with a mag moonshine wonderbread. 5 and 7 colors with capt garys uv. uv mixed veggie, uv sexy veggie. Finished 1st place on the am side and boated 50 fish in 3 days. It was completely unreal fishing. Something I wont forget for awhile.
  9. Nice boat. I have one of those myself and really like it. Even though it has 350's it still does pretty well on gas.
  10. A friend of mine caught a 15lb king today in 240 out of grand haven. It was completely silver. Next year they will be big again I think. I think we boated 5 over 20 this year.
  11. Went 5 for 12 last night with most hits coming just after sundown. Had some newbies out so well you know how that ends up. high diver with meat rig 150 back on 3 went twice. and took our biggest fish at 24.1lbsl. Just one hit on a low diver and we knocked him off behind the boat. 225 copper with wonderbread j-plug went but my neighbor over tightened the draw and broke the line. Had to swing around and get the board back but lost the copper and fish. Ace HI double glow rigger down 60. flounder pounder on rigger down 60 went three times. Missed one on the shoot rigger with meat 74 down. 150 copper with a blue dolphin looking 3 inch j-plug took a 22 lber. Cant remember all of them but is was 10 or 10:30 before we got back to dock. We fished 80-90 all night. Straight out to just a fuzz south. Had a 24,22,19,16 and a 2 lber. I bet we had another on that was well over 20 but snapped my 25 lb big game rigger rod line and took my flounder pounder. The line touched another line I think the copper and sounded like a firecracker when it broke there was so much tension on it. Good luck!
  12. That's a nice one. Going out of Muskegon tonight hopefully to get one of thos biggens.
  13. Run spoons and flys in the top 40 and you should pick up coho and steelhead. Also if you don't run meat then u may want to start.
  14. Fished from 4 till dark went 6 for 9. Two nice kings 17&19 a 10lb steel and 3 nice ho's 70 to 120. Most fish and hits on meat.
  15. Went 5 for 8 sat morning. Lost one just outside the pier head on flounder punder 150 copper in 60ft with a blue uv spoon with yellow dots not sure the name. 7 lb king 225 copper in 60ft with a st yellow tail. Small king Lost 2 big fish on meat in 130ft 100 down on rigger Corner rigger with pickled sunshine fly took a nice coho in 140 225 copper in 140 with the same spoon took a nice steelhead High diver back 170 with meat took a small king same water. Didn't take a hit from 145 to 230 and called it a day.
  16. Oh and I forgot to mention, we had the grand slam on sunday with all five species. First time for me.
  17. We fished the classic this past weekend. Started with the Ruboy Thursday and fished between Pentwater and little point. We only managed 5 fish and not that big so we did not fair well in the standings. There were some big fish weighed this weekend in Ludington. We never managed to get any over 20lbs, but there were allot of fish that were. Even two 29 lbers. Friday was Kind of rough for us so we stayed in dock and sorted tackle, put new swivels and leaders on stuff and cleaned the boat. Saturday day 1 of the tournament we headed back south again but went a bit further to little point. We managed 13 fish by 11 o-clock and the wind was picking up. So we pulled lines and moved to in front of Ludington to make sure we would be in on time. Well we never caught another fish. We weighed our ten fish box and was good enough to put us in 15th. We took allot of fish on a 8 inch paddle and fly set up on riggers and dypsy's. Orange spoons in slurpie and double orange crush super slims on 225 and 150 coppers. We found the trout mixed in with kings and caught them on the same baits. Sunday we went back to the same water and it was a bit more overcast than Saturday. Same set up as Sat but it started a bit slower. We were not getting bites on the riggers and only one bite on a dypsy. Decided to pull in a 150 copper and put out a 300 copper with a super slim flea for all. Well this bait just started to be on fire catching our next 3 fish. So of course you put out more. Another 300 copper on the other side with 225 copper with a clip on weight along with them. At this time it was steady action on coppers and dypsy's until we put fish number 20 in the box and had to pull lines at 12:48 and head back. We ended up catching bigger trout than the day before so it put us with a 126.8 lb box with 10 fish. This ended up being the biggest box of am teams of the day and was good enough to move us up to 4th place. We also won the 333 big combo with a king, steelhead and lake trout. Allong with a yeti cooler won in the drawing. Turned out to be a great weekend in Ludington once again and look forward to going back next year.
  18. Sounds about right, We were out this morning as will. maked some good fish at 165 just a hair south, had one rip a meat rig on a dipsey but lost him. We caught on coho on area 51 before 7. One small king we released. the miss and one laker on mono line with a snap weight with pearl fireball. Ohh and one sheaphead in the channel. Hope it picks up.
  19. I'm heading out tonight will try to update in the morning.
  20. Fished Sun morning, set lines around 6:30 just south of duck lake and trolled south to just south of Muskegon. 240 to 280 seemed best never went inside 230. Finished 4 for 8 one king and 3 steel. The ones we lost seemed decent to. The steel had some good size. All spoons. We even snagged one alewife by the tail
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