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  1. We took a couple of rips on the RTC window licker fly also!!!! Fun trip Terry!!! Thank You
  2. nice job Terry.... The ELLIOT is just about ready for fishing!!! have to change oil and attach the probe to the rigger cable.
  3. you have time for this bs

  4. You'll love the site.Welcome aboard Joel.
  5. Welcome aboard Katrina, Keep us updated on your success :-)
  6. Awesome Mike!!! Can't wait to tune in!!! You need any help along the way there are lots of willing and able members aboard, including myself. good luck:D:D
  7. Went 10 for 14 from 6 am to 8 am in 100 to 125 fow. NBK spoons were hot 57 down,98 down, DW mag glow with green eye 83 down. bounty hunter on full core , nbk on both copper, nbk flasher- hit man fly. big blue paddle with blue bubble fly. We did not get the dipsies in until 7:30 they both took fish right away, so we started pulling lines to call it a day!!:D
  8. Nice work mike and crew, Thanks for shouting at me on the water. I had a great week of from work.
  9. went 4 for 7, 85 to 130 fow. We caught our biggest of the year 23 lbs. Things that worked: double trouble on the copper area 51 full core mag wire dipsey nbk flasher and a hitman fly dw extended glow with green eye 101 down on the rigger. Had a great time with my Dad(From New York) and family.:D
  10. 8-4 pm trip: went 7 for 15 8-5 am trip: went 6 for 12 8-5 pm trip went 7 for 14 8-6 am trip went 3 for 4 things that worked: We have been doing well with Glow spoons close to the bottom in 100 to 150 fow. Going out again tonight with family, going to try fishing past sunset for a couple of hours do to the full moon:D:D:D
  11. We've all had those days Terry! No skunk and lots of action, still a great trip. I'm sure your wife is as understanding as mine when it comes to "BIG Lake" donations.....:D:D:D
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