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  1. LOL!! You had me for a minute Jim! Good one.. It won't be long!!! Lucas
  2. if you are around Grand Haven you can get herring at Fish On Bait and Tacke in Nunica. http://www.fishonshop.com/
  3. Nice work Don! Looks like you have a good program put together..
  4. Ok.. Hit me on the radio in the morning..

  5. yea we are still planing on going out in the morning, and i think sunday night! The tourny starts at 5 so we will see if the storm is gone by then.

  6. Mike,

    Are you guys still planning on fishing in the morning with this weather coming in? Looks like tomorrow will be nasty, but should lay down a bit for Sunday. I'll be out both mornings since the guys that are coming down are die hards... :-( oh well..

    i'll give you a buzz this evening after i talk to Vince to see how his charter went this morning..


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