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  1. If a lower entry fee is the answer, why don't more teams fish the league tournaments? Better yet, why don't they fish multiple leagues?
  2. For the Saugatuck tournament, you can enter only the BIG FISH and still fish the tournament.
  3. 2nd pictured fish was tanned up pretty good. No bites before sun up. (6-11, 6 rod spread) Night bite didn't kick in until sunset. (7-??, 12 rod spread)
  4. I belive the fish are hitting the bait from the side. The hooks then end up on the outside of the mouth. Try speeding up.
  5. Been to Maplewood. I have no complaints with the work done.
  6. Welcome to the the site. Pick and choose your days on the big pond snd you will do just fine.
  7. Especially in Michigan -Red Hot Chili Peppers
  8. I picked up the catalogs for Dream Weaver, Stinger, Warior, And Silver Streak. With the exception of Moon Shine, North Ports and Pro King, that covers most of the spoons that I have. As metioned before... catch a fish on a bait and you will remember the name.
  9. Park at Oval Beach and walk, for the south. North, take a boat or kayak.
  10. Pay outs are based on how many entries? No fishing from the port of Saugatuck?
  11. I only found gobies in the Lakers from this weekend. Not sure how a species that eats gobies is all that bad. A day of catching Lakers sure beats sitting at the dock.
  12. Not likely. I would be changing out the ones that hadn't caught fish first. If it was on a rigger, that rigger would get lowered. On a dipsey, more line out. Off a board, moved to deeper cu/lead. The only way it would get changed is if was a glow and the nonglows started to fire.
  13. While the cleaning station appeared to be open, it has actually been locked. At this time, it doesn't have the combination lock on it.
  14. The fish cleaning station is now open.
  15. Fished a 6 rod spread from noon till 6. Ended the day 7-10. Catch consisted of 4 Coho, 2 Browns and a King. Biggest fish was the 10# king that came on a blue/silver J-7. We released two of the smaller Ho's. One of the fish lost was also a nice King. Cleos, TF, Thunder Sticks and j-7's all took fish.
  16. Fished for an hour tonight in front of Deer Lick in 52 FOW. Started at 7 PM and by 8 the two of had kept 52. Threw a few smaller ones back and had a dozen jumbos. Wigglers work best, but the action was fast enough that we used minnows more. Drifting with anchor dragging seem to be the ticket. I hope the weather holds so I can get out another time yet this year.
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