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  1. looking for a big jon rigger, would like it to have the auto stops. let me know what u have. thanks doug.
  2. went out to 70fow looked around nothing, checked 80fow, then to 100 few fish, set lines. and began a north west troll went to 150 nothing turned around headed east hit 120 took a double after picking up speed to 2.8-3.0 anything less wasn't happening. got lines back in turned around nothing to 140 turned back south east, took two more. not the greatest night, but not bad. fished from 5:30-8 ish. 300' 45# bloodrun copper w/silver streak blueberry muffin took 2 kings 16#/14# 12 color lead with a silver streak lemon berrry took a 9# steelie. rigger with silver streak miami dolphin, at 90 down took 7# king lost one on a rigger running 95 down with a silver streak plankton. and lost one other on same rigger with miami dolphin. paddle fly bite as u can see was dead, but still great night on the water there wasn't a ripple on the water last night.
  3. also there is a flash light by dreamweaver that has uv led bulbs that works great! just a quick pass over the spoon and it's ready. love that little light.
  4. jake not sure if you got my pm but, it was cloudy and that was the day that there was a storm going throught to the south, we did end up getting a little wet but when the fishing is good u gotta stay.....
  5. thanks bill I see you have been out there keeping the population under control too.
  6. well that was the first time on my boat that i ever got a three man limit!!! if that tells you anything, the fish just felt bad for me i think.
  7. This is a little late, but I was able to get out monday morning with a couple of guys we ran to 150 straight out and set-up, got 4 lines down and had first on! off the rigger. then the other rigger went, double!!! woohoo. next thing you know the wire diver took off, let the chinese fire drill start. got all fish in was resetting lines able to get all lines out on a 9 rod spread. 5 min goes by a another fish on, we stayed pretty steady the rest of morning. this was our set-up. and most fish came on a west to north west troll. 180 -220 best water. rigger set at 145 w/ dw green and white 11" paddle with a last supper fly rigger set at 135 w/ white pearl 11" paddle and a hypnotist fly rigger set at 125 w/ purple ladder back reg. spoon and a kevorkian on slider 10' higher. wire divers set on 2 one was 250 back and the other 275 back ran a wonder bread paddle 11" w/mirage fly. and a dw green and white paddle 11" w/ green glow fly?? 400 copper 45# with a lemon berry s.s 300 copper 45# with a miami dolphin s.s 225 copper 45# with a screw ball s.s. 150 copper 45# with a green dolphin ended or day 17 for 24 threw back couple lakers, rest were all kings not a coho in sight? average size 8-12 with one 15# and a 17# feel pretty fortunate after hearing not so good reports at first. Thanks Doug
  8. Bill all i have to say is very nice and it killed me to watch that video..... i got to get the boat out now!!!!! once again very nice.
  9. Did Glen knock it off with the net!!! :D I heard he was good for that from the boys.LOL
  10. we ended up 2 for 2 I guess if nothing else my hook up rate is really good!!!
  11. went out last night and was setting the first line a 5 color with bloody nose j-plug didn't get the board on and "fish-on" told my wife here you go and she didn't beleive me at first. that was in 105 fow. Ended up being a nice king, then nothing till we came back in to 70 fow had changed to moonshine lures and the fish finder was full from top to bottom, then a rigger went that was set at 55 down with moonshine bullseye, took off:eek:! handed it to my wife finally got it in and was the biggest for me yet was atleast 21-22# :D, ran through the channel with nothing happening pulled lines at 9:30.
  12. Well Tony dont feel your alone now! I was running my blue diamonds on tuesday night and had one break on the rod holder also!!!! but i was fortunate to have it break above the reel and didnt lose anything, I did call fish-on bait and tackle where i purchased them in april and they replaced without a question. I give a huge thanks to them for their great customer service. But now what about the other???? feel i might tie it to the boat now in case i have one break below the reel????!!!!! what is going on with this rod!
  13. nice job Ashley:good:, As stated before Don glad to see you keep the kids and the wife interested in the sport, wish mine did (wife) my daughter on the other hand is all aboout going fishing or hunting.
  14. I see you noticed that pole, it actually was a lead core that i moved to the rigger pole holder when i brought it in was running that one down the chute:grin:
  15. a late report, went out sat am set lines in 100fow just as the sun came up had rip on the wire dipsy set on 2 200' back with a pearl flasher and a siggs rigg green hypnotist fly and peeled off another 100' grab pole and gave to a new guy out for his very first time on the big lake, after about fifteen minutes I asked him how he was doing and all he did was turn around smile and said my arm is burning!!!!:D, after about 25 min boated a nuce king 19# 7oz. then it was pretty dead for us finally picked up a 8# steelie in 100fow on a 5 color with a green scaley j plug gave that one to him and after landing he said that was a little easier, so ended the day pulled lines and headed in, I think that we not only caught fish but hooked him also to salmon fishing:D
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