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  1. We had them bad the other day. My Dad and Mom used some Off Active and said it worked pretty well. I cant say personally as i hate bug spray and never use it. Ive heard amonia and water mix sprayed around the deck as well, but IDK if thats a wives tale or if theres any merit to it. I see on another forum some guys are using those Thermacells. There were mixed reviews on its effectiveness. Seemed like as long as the breeze wasnt too bad it was great. Others said they didnt see any difference.
  2. I wish theyd fast forward a bit, im tired of catching walleye and am ready for something that knows how to swim!!!
  3. I started using Larsen Sales products this summer with great results. Clean with wonder foam and then follow up with Restore, which is a cleaner/polisher. The boat was in Augres for a month for repairs and then just went through a week of worm fishing. Thing was pretty beat up. Spent the day using these products and our Hydra-Sports looks like new. Just wanted to pass on some great products ive had succsess with from a Michigan Based company incase anyones in the market for a new boat cleaner. Heres my results ...Dang it was a hot one today!
  4. Headed back up around the end of the channel on Friday to fish. Had a bit of a tough bite. Fish were down there, but didnt wanna go for some reason. Picked a few off, made a move and got into them. 1 oz. inlines 30-50' back, 3 oz. BB also took fish. Brought in 14. After losing #15 a few times we said to hell with it and headed for sure. Great day on the bay. Fished the LBM tournament yesterday. Ended up in an entirely different location than id fished all week pulling tots and spoons. Ended up in 3rd. Purple tots 40-60' back and mini disks with 12# BR fluoro leaders and silver streak kavorkian spoons were the ticket. Speed of 2.3 SOG worked best for us. 14-16' Been a great week on the bay. Couldnt ask for nicer weather, other than a little cooler would be nice!!!
  5. Well, we started out real slow. Had some storm damage to the bimini...Turned out to be a complete nightmare for us as after the repairs the shop pulled the boat outta their facility, but didnt fold the bars down and inturn bent them over on the garage door header. So, more delays there in material order, some things haveing to be redone. Then we had a motor issue. Lost around a month for that. Finally got back to fishing on July 3rd and its been great for us. (KNOCK ON WOOD) Limits most outtings, got a third place finish in a tournament yesterday. I hope this good trend continues....
  6. Thanks for the report
  7. Id bet that takes care of your problems. Not surprised in the least it was a fuel pump.
  8. Well, we got out again, but it was nothing like Monday. Went from point and click fishing to working our tails off to fill the box. We ultimately got the 20, but not without frustration. We had MANY light bites that just slid the board back and didnt even pull the flag down. Tried feeding it to them, but they just werent in the mood it seemed. Would have them for a few turns of the reel and off theyd come. We lost a ton of fish half way in and several that came to net fall off in the net. It was almost like theyd come up and try it, but didnt really want it. 24' of water 1.4 SOG 25-50' leads with 1 oz inlines Red beads w/silver blades Chart beads/silver blades
  9. Yep, pulled meat behind everything Jason. Ran a three prong attack with Inlines, 32# Blood Run CU and 3 oz. bottom bouncers. Took fish on everything.
  10. I think they should take care of you no questions asked. I mean, if its not right, its not right, they need to fix it. They charged you for a service, which has not been accomplished yet.
  11. Yeah, but you gotta admit they pull the string a hell of alot better than those walleye do. I had a couple that came up along side of the boat like salmon do when they get rambunctious!
  12. Dont worry Steve, i ate your share and mine too!!! Just had some for lunch as well.
  13. Nice job Brent. Was a gorgeous day up there. We put the boots to em as well. Pretty much the same deal, took fish from midway down to bottom. The later the day went on the bigger our fish got.
  14. Sure was a grogeous weekend out there. Nice pics, thanks for the report.
  15. Nice rescue job Ben. Thank goodness you were there. And listen to Capt. Don on Tangled Mess. He is a top notch Captain. Great guy. He'll steer you in the right direction. I got a picture text with a cooler full of fish on the 3rd from Capt Don.
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