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  1. Hi frank,. Talked to you last year this is tim from grand rapids, coming over later today fish bay wondering where might a guy start to fish, i heard you say 25-31 fow is that south of augres or other area? Any help

    appreciate it.

  2. Tom, i have your phone number now and i will call you later this week see what you think. I appreciate the help and look forward to fishing the bay this week, wednesday not looking to good but i am hoping thursday and friday are good. Talk to you soon. Thanks tim

  3. Tim ,Linwood is a good jump point to great fishing on the west side .run out about 4miles get to that 22plus ft water troll n or s set up with some two oz inlines run them back 45'

    An set up that speed to 1.2-2 with some harness or worm burners try root beer color or anti freezer or purple ,blue and white also.there smashing good Wally every where.

    Tom, yes I should be around ,I"ll be getting ready for walleye for warriors event an doing a little pre fishing when I can.sat an sun.call me anytime .I don't mine letting you know what's been getting fish.good luck ,fill that box with some tasty fish.1 989 670 2132

  4. Hi tom, you helped me out last year find some fish for my sons and i was wondering if you will be around next week heading over wed, thurs, fri to fish out of linwood any advice would be appreciated, tim

  5. Well, they work on lead core and divers and downriggers and time to use them can be any given day, they always catch fish for me and i would not go without they are a great lure for salmon, sure there are days when they only want spoons or even like j's but i always use them and have had plenty luck on most every set-up with them. Try the big spinnies w/white glow and pickle sunshine fly or no-see-ums, or puffy fly, plenty to choose from and when the bite is on you can't go to wrong running spiinie and fly combo's. I run the big spinnie on riggers and smaller 8" spinnie and fly on my leadcore's or copper setup. And also on divers. Good luck. Tt
  6. Well we went our late afternoon and it finally layed down enough to be fishable, had 3 young first timers and the pressure was on to get them their first salmons, after the weak front went thru it seemed like they we're no-where to be found, but like the past evening trips this was no different as we turned the clock towards 7:30 ish the rods started to sing...... Nice kings and steelhead & one coho. Fished mainly around 120 to 150 fow and down 60 to 90ft. Fish are deep...................
  7. Well luke we did it again, i think that is 3 times we have went now and limited everytime, the harness and crawlers have been very good to us.looking forward to some salmon fishing on my side of the state, everyone i know fishing grand haven or muskegon has been getting lots of kings and steelhead, very good fishing right now. Hope to get back in the fall for some more sag bay walleye action.......... Tt
  8. Hey luke, going to go to the bay june 28 & 29 & 30 let me know if you can go?


  9. I have 20 footer and it is 9' wide and i run two riggers now, i use to run 4 and all i got was tangles, my advice is two run two and run dipseys and lead or copper and stay clean and you will catch more fish , because you won't be tangled anymore, 6-7 clean rods will do the job. My setup now is 2 riggers (sometimes i stack 2 nd rod on them) 2 dispeys 2 lead 1 copper down the shute.... Works for me....
  10. Well, i have fished these greatlakes for over 30 years now and i will tell you to buy the best you can afford, there is units out there that are okay to get buy on, but really i consider this a very important part of my fishing and i don't skimp on things that i need to rely on. Get the most for what you can afford that's all i can say. Learned that lesson years ago to buy a good unit versus buying a cheaper one only to have to buy another few years later. I have both lowrance units and hummingbird on my boats, they both work great, humminbird units tend to cost little less but still have alot of value in them, try to get one with navionics package. You will be glad you did...
  11. Not true, been there done that and they will run behind a dipsey all day long........
  12. I would run couple magnum dipseys and that will keep you busy if your timing is right on the staging of the kings, you will catch plenty off two rods.
  13. Hey griz , heard of any new areas where they are catching eyes? Just looking , have couple friends out right now not doing to well.

  14. Well i met luke and one of his friends SATURDAY morning and we had another great day on the bay catching eyes, 8-12 fow off the bar again and little bigger size on a few this time, bb and crawlers again did the trick for us.kitchen man is a walleye killin machine he just seems to know when and where on the bay. Luke i hope to be back in couple weeks an try the area we talked about on SATURDAY, keep on hooking them eyes and we will see you soon. Thanks for the great day on the bay. Tim
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