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  1. Nice job Mike! Glad the new boat working for ya! We were out Sat 7:00am to 11:00 am and went 5 for 5 3 kings 8-10lbs and 2 Cohos. 70-100 fow. Newer fish finders are great I love my new HDS 10 loaded with down scan and side scan works awesome.
  2. Hey Mike I hope u found your issues with the old boat and your new boats works well for ya. We had a triple going when I heard you on the radio which turned into a quad and by the time I could get to the radio I couldn't raise ya. I only had 3 of us on the boat so from 11:30am too 1:00 pm we were busy . Lol divers were getting smacked non stop.
  3. Nice day on the lake. Took my dad and my friend Dave. Wound up 11for 20 all Kings, biggest was 19lbs and 1 at 18 lbs the rest were 11-15lbs. Mag diver on wire out 150' and power pro mag diver out 165' were the best with wire had a white with crush tape spin doctor and green fly the pp had a blue bubble spin doctor and a matching fly. 90-105 fow northwest and south east trolls were best with down speed at 2.8-3mph. Meat rigs on riggers lost 3 and 300' copper took a couple and lost a few 10 color with a Pro king magic man flasher and a UV fly took the 19 lb fish had a few drive bys early on 5 and 4 color with spoons and 200' copper with black fin tuna mag spoon never got touched. Heard mike on Mc squared calling for a tow in and couldn't get him to answer. Glad u got a tow mike we weren't that far from ya! Seemed like when we got one hit we got 2 or 3 more within a few seconds. Fun day.
  4. Nice job Mike! Were fishing the South Haven tournament this weekend I hope the weather cooperates!! Not looking real good! Plenty of country cocktails to be had if not fishing thou! Lol
  5. Good job Matt! Good too here of a couple of Kings being caught hopefully they start moving in closer.
  6. Good job Mike! Never made it over to your #'s pulled lines shortly after I talked to ya last. Wound up 5 for 6. Talk to ya next time.
  7. Went 5 for 6 4 cohos 1 steely and lost a steely. Most fish came between 220 and 250 had 3 drive by's not a bad day blue and orange seemed to b the best. 2,3,4,5,6 colors took hits and a rigger parked at 90 with a blue flasher fly took the steely. Nice day on the lake. Fished st8 out.
  8. Nice job Mike! Thanks for the report! Planning on heading out Sunday again went to South Haven last Sunday didn't do to hot 1 for 1 a 11 lb king. Going to the Jo this week if your out Sunday give your friend from Mendon a call on the radio and don't catch any of the those blow up dolls! Lol. Todd Sanderson
  9. Good job Mike! I would head deeper thou! Were I is the temp break at now?
  10. Years ago when fishing on our old boat with my dad and uncle, my uncle tried to reset a riggers for the first time and got a tangle with another line. Well before he made a bigger mess I proceeded to untangle the lines while he stood their with the pole in hand(as if I was going to let him try setting it again ) just about had lines untangle with one line in my teeth and both hands untwisting when I seen a flash and looked to see a king with its mouth wide open chasing after dads favorite spoon a blue /chrome Michigan wobbler yikes:eek:, spit the line out, looked at unc and said" Fish On" and the reel started screeming . Ahhh the memories.
  11. Set up straight out in 160fow at 6:15am, first fish on 300' 45lb copper with 4 oz dive bomb added to middle of copper with a blue glow silver horde, and one on blue smurf bti and meat rig out 250' mag diver, the rest of the fish were on riggers parked at 90' 110' and 125'. John J meat rig, green frog and matching meat rig, or SUV mamba flasher and rage red meat rig, between 200 and 220fow biggest fish 14.5lbs most 9-12lbs, all kings. 2.2-2.5 at the ball. Thermocline was down to 90-100'. Wound up 8 for 11. Meat rigs definitely ruled the day.
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