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  1. Is this unit still available ? Can you please text mea photo to Bill @ 716 535 7566. Thanks in advance, Bill
  2. Some friends went trolling out of Dunkirk 2 days ago. When I saw them the next morning, the were filleting the catch of walleye. They asked if I knew what was in the bottom of the cooler? The look like white eels ! about15 inches long and very thin. The guys told me these were coming out of the fish once they were put on ice and the fish died. Has anyone seen anything like this ? Are the fish safe to eat ? I wish I had some pictures to share but unfortunately I do not.
  3. Hi everyone, Does anyone know where I can purchase smoked whitefish ? We used to get it in Dunkirk, but, not available any longer. I looked online, and they want $30 plus per pound plus shipping. Thanks in advance, Bill
  4. If these are still available, I will take them all. Send me your paypal info.
  5. PM sent. PayPal payment sent. Received package today 8/23 Thank You
  6. Hi everyone, I am looking to get back into salmon and trout fishing on Lake Ontario. And I am in search of some tackle. Flasher/ flies, mag spoons, meat rigs.etc If you have any of the listed items, please let me know. What you have and the asking price. Either here on GLF or email me [email protected] Thanks in advance, Bill
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