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  1. shu9265

    SMoked White Fish

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know where I can purchase smoked whitefish ? We used to get it in Dunkirk, but, not available any longer. I looked online, and they want $30 plus per pound plus shipping. Thanks in advance, Bill
  2. AlwaysBroke. I sent you pm
  3. If these are still available, I will take them all. Send me your paypal info.
  4. The Cannon Sensor I had is Gone.
  5. shu9265

    sold / closed Flashers

    PM sent. PayPal payment sent. Received package today 8/23 Thank You
  6. Bottom 3 Links are dead.
  7. Hi everyone, I am looking to get back into salmon and trout fishing on Lake Ontario. And I am in search of some tackle. Flasher/ flies, mag spoons, meat rigs.etc If you have any of the listed items, please let me know. What you have and the asking price. Either here on GLF or email me [email protected] Thanks in advance, Bill
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