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  1. The fish were still out deeper. Just the wind and weather we have had. I saw a post from a Ludington captain saying he was surprised by how many mature kings were still out in the big lake. Some north wind this past couple days but turning hot again. Should be south wind again. Next cold snap should have them going up. Sooner or later they will anyway.
  2. I would have took it in. Very nice fish a couple close up pics and getting the fish to him asap would have worked. Not a bad picture on here. Nice catch all the same. Thanks for the report.
  3. All good points by sea at and that rod is the best and the best value by far!
  4. Powepro braid powerpro braid powerpro braid........
  5. Depends on you and what your comfortable with. Some guys will take a 14 ft miles out. You need to pay very close attention to the weather. Since you are asking I figure you have not tried yet. Start this fall close to shore.
  6. Be cool to se it with a flasher. When you say the camera is inline with the spoon does that mean you have it on the fishing line ? Couldn't imagine breaking the line and losing the camera. I must have something mixed up but great video.
  7. Call checker marine in LaSalle mi. They ship, have everything mercruiser and excellent service. You will probably be asked straight or cross bolt pattern. Since you have it off you know. 734 243 2683
  8. I am with bad dog. I have never lost one using 20lb min and good quality swivels.
  9. Never paid a bit of attention. I agree if you are trying to draw fish in then put them on the long lines. The riggers make enough noise that I don't think it matters
  10. I don't think I want to go way crazy and give the forecasters a huge benefit of the doubt but perhaps a small one. Today here in tc was a rare exception but I have noticed a ton of days this year where the wind is blowing good by like 7 am. Reports from the big lake don't have it picking up til later. I think with the hot land and cold water we are getting thermals they can't call. First time I saw this a lot I sure was pissed I was keeping my boat here in tc instead of Frankfort.
  11. I think the settings on the fish finder are off. While some would say temp and or speed would take priority over a fishfinder I could not imagine fishing blind without one very often. Look at the thread on this site titled what's this all about
  12. It is law at some point. Not sure but vessel or life may have to be in danger. Don't know for sure cause I always pull and help.
  13. Yep the small boards don't compare to the 44s . I would rather have a ass load of braid than lose copper- you didn't save any money if that was the case though and it was the only reel I had , well 2 ideas . Attach the copper to braid then let the braid go to mono. Wrap some tape around the spool to cut down the capacity then use all braid. No matter what I think you have your answer - no more mono immediately behind what is hooked to a magnum size board.
  14. I would go with braid. I have looked at bloodruns prespooled reels on there website and wondered why they come with mono backer. Don't know if yours was one of these. Just saying why not braid its thinner and stronger.
  15. Tite locks are cheap for a reason! I use them but not for a mag dipsy. Check out great lakes holders.
  16. Odd response since the questions were about lake Huron and the particular wind at the time. Will assume you missed the lake h part.
  17. Likely in closer. Depends on how cold the water and any breaks and food.
  18. love when the moments of chaos happen-makes up for the slow times. good job to the crew:D
  19. Nice report. The SW wind really helped set things up. Even at Frankfort tackle shops have been saying they hear people talk about no fish,but its not so.
  20. Trina said his friends are doing it. We have done it in a 27 ft sportcraft. A lot of the tournament fisherman do it all the time. With the right boat and decent weather its not a big deal.
  21. Did you hear from someone in the DNR they are thinking of stocking herring ? Up here around tc the tribe is actually doing it. I think just in its 2nd year.
  22. Why is that insane ? He is basicly saying the dnr was way off there assessment of the bait population and hence the plants should not have been cut. Bottom line is some places have had some good fishing when conditions are right, there is way more bait than the dnr claims, they need to change where and when they do the trawl samples.
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