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  1. I currently have a deposit down on a 2016 Targa V-18 WT with the 150 4 Stroke Merc. I will be using this boat to fish the lake I live on (just under a 1,000 acre lake), Lake Michigan for Salmon, Lake Erie and Saginaw Bay for Walleye, and some areas in the UP for Musky . I was hoping I could get some feedback by anyone who owns a Targa or has owned one in the past. I have put many hours into researching boats trying to find what best meets my needs and is in my price point and so far this boat is the winner. I know all brands have their pros and their cons and it is like Chevy vs Ford when it comes to people's emotions and feelings, that is why I am looking for people who have actually owned or do own the Targa specifically. Any feedback you give will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Sea Eagle - We actually talked to you back at the fish cleaning station. We were the guys in the little 17' Deep V Tracker. Thanks for sharing here and also for the conversation at the fish cleaning station. Was nice to see a big king in person again. It has been a minute since I have seen one! Tight Lines Guys!
  3. A not so fancy way of doing that is a stop watch and a note pad. You take time stamps and you essentially know exactly what time what thing on the graph happened...via your hand written notes. Crude but effective!
  4. Spencer that was the same as us...always wondered what happened when you marked fish but did not catch one...
  5. Day – August 1st 2015 Location – South Haven Michigan Time – Lines dropped by 3pm pulled lines after sun set Depth – 70-130 FOW Lures – Pro King Regular Chilley Willy, and Magnum Moonshine RV Spoon. Video – HD (Make sure you watch it in HD!) Waterwolf HD camera! In this trip you get many follows along with a really good strike that should have resulted in a hook up. This day we went 1 for 3. We boated about a 6 lb king and lost two others. If you like what you see please subscribe!
  6. gmfishon - You are correct the camera is indeed tied on the main line, then the lure is on a 4.5' leader from the camera. There is a risk of losing the camera of course but there are also things in place to try to limit that from happening. Shorter lead from the ball (30' or less) keeping it mostly away from everything else. The Leader is less # test than the mainline etc...Also at the end of the day the reward is greater than the risk.
  7. I have done a little bit of that...with a stop watch and good old fashion recording things by hand on paper. Someday I may publish (via video) some of that stuff.
  8. I use VLC and it is a nice feature to watch it faster...but your eyes do not always thank you...watching that spoon after awhile at faster speeds can do a number on your eyes. Next time out I think I am going to run a flasher fly behind it...that will be real interesting.
  9. Vandee - It is the WaterWolf HD Camera, it is tied directly in line with the lure. As for going though the footage...yeah it takes patience, bad weather (so you want to stay indoors and go through hours of footage) LOL
  10. DTB thanks for the nice comment. We will be working to put out at least one more video in the very near future and possibly two more. We might make a longer video compiling some of the longer follows that we have captured. Boring for some I'm sure...interesting for others. Thanks again for the feedback though we appreciate it!
  11. Thanks for the nice feedback. I have another 8 hours of footage to go through from two other trips out. Plus going out tomorrow, so I will be posting more very soon!
  12. Below is a link to some footage we got on July 28th from the port of South Haven in the AM. If you like what you see please subscribe to our channel and thanks for watching! https://youtu.be/nU-L8ZvqOX4
  13. By lesser I meant to say lesser # test leader line (from camera to spoon) than my main line that the camera attaches too.
  14. Always a risk/chance you take but I keep it on my DR, have a lesser leader line than my mainline and tie a very careful knot. I have been very fortunate with my downrigger gear so I am comfortable with it there. It boils down to the reward being greater than the risk.
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