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  1. When I run plugs on my riggers in the channel, my leads are short - 20' at the most and atleast 1/2 to 3/4's of the way down the water column. The bigger plugs #5 have always done better for me for combat fishing and have had better luck with Silver Horde - green and blue splatterback glows have always produced for me. .................Fish Tank
  2. Had lines in the water by 3:00 pm and fished until 7:00. We had high hopes seeing the surface temp at 59 degrees and 45 degrees at 70 feet down according to the Muskegon buoy. Started at 80 fow and trolled west, south west all the way out to 230 fow. Trolled east and took a good steelhead (12 pounds) on 200 feet of copper on a double orange crush. Took the board under and was gullet hooked. That was it. Not another bump. Marked big bait balls and good marks in 110 to 130 fow but no takers. This was a brutal season for us. The worst ever. We have one more trip in us before we take the boat out of the slip. ...................Fish Tank
  3. Now that's what a call a report! Straight to the point, concise, and super helpful. Much appreciated. ...................Fish Tank
  4. Nice Ed - remind me again about your new boat. The main outboard looks like a beast from the pic. thanks................Fish Tank
  5. Ed, Fish Tank here. We met as you were leaving. I had the red Lund. You did better than us. We had 9 rods out covering 6 ft down to 140 on riggers at times. We threw everything at them for over 5 hours. We hardly marked anything and made it all the way out to 190 fow. Our first skunk of the year. To add insult to injury, we broke down coming back in. Some sort of exhaust failure. We limped in at 6 mph. You can see my post on Boat Maintenance called "Diagnose This" On a side note, your Crestliner is sweet! I have a 1750 FishHawk and love it. regards..................Fish Tank
  6. Thanks to both of you - greatly appreciated. I'll keep you posted and keep the advice coming - I'll try to download that video. ................Fish Tank
  7. Tried mightily to download the video but no luck. Heading back in tonight at 30 mph and all of a sudden things did not sound good and it happened quick. We shut her down and here is the scoop. 4 cylinder i/0 OMC 3.0 liter Smelled some fumes just a bit and then she just started making all sorts of noise and we shut her down and took of the dog house. Waited 5 mins and started her back up with a little bit of trouble. It was noisy, really noisy like a car with no muffler. We hobbled back in at 6 mph sputtering all the way. The whole engine was shaking like crazy but it got better as we went. The exhaust was definitely in the compartment - all of it. It seemed like the exhaust was escaping near the bottom of the compartment rather than out the back. So, blown head gasket. I'm no gear head so any help would be greatly appreciated. ....................Fish Tank
  8. OK, so I need a little refresher here. A few years back I nailed the fall steelhead just beyond the second sandbar out of Holland. J11 jointed orange rapala was the ticket, and if I remember correctly, this is what I did. We never got deeper than 30 feet if I remember correctly. 1) 1/2 oz bullet weight 2) bead 3) barrel swivel 4) 24 inch 12 pd mono leader 5) rapala knot 6) j-11 jointed rap The question - 1/2 oz enough and is a 24" leader long enough. Picky questions I guess but I just remember being dialed in with a set up like that. thanks ahead of time.................Fish Tank
  9. Nice - that is a big one. I'll be out there Sunday or Monday evening with the same program. I'm all about those jointed j-11 orange raps or the super slim orange crush spoons. I'll report how we do................Fish Tank
  10. Saw you out there and I think you launched right before I did. Red Lund 21' cuddy. That is a sweet looking rig for sure. Yours that is! Mine is more of a floating bathtub. Also saw you trolling the south shore of lake mac as we were heading out. BTW - 1 for 3 with a 13 pd steelhead on 200 copper - superslim orange crush. It was slow but the biggest steelie I've caught in years. We're not done yet - I've got a few more trips in me. ................Fish Tank
  11. Fished from 3:00 pm to sunset. 4 for 6 12 pd four year old king - 400 copper - green spatterback silverhorde - 170 fow Laker - white paddle/white fly - 85 down on rigger - 150 fow steelhead - green scaley jplug - 300 copper steelhead - 200 copper - uv watermelon 120 fow We lost a monster on 400 copper in 100 fow close to sunset - just pealing drag for 30 seconds and then off. Bummer, that was a good one. .................Fish Tank
  12. Wow! Thanks to everyone. I checked out the dive charts on the blood run site and was surprised to see the comparison between 32 and 45 pd. So close. I'll definitely be going with the 32. I will also take the advice on the powerpro. I have plenty of it and will simply add 20 feet of mono between to attach the boards. I've got my plan. thank you very much.................Fish Tank
  13. So I have 6 copper rods - 75 to 300'. The copper on it is a good 7 years old and really trying my patience. It's just old, caught tons of fish but the 7 strand is now separating and causing all sorts of bird's nests. I'm going to respool it all. I've heard good things about Blood Run copper. I only run 45 pound. Any feedback here would be greatly appreciated. Second - for backing I run the hi-vis green Berkley Big Game but I can't remember what test I use. I'm not going to run any powerpro as backing to save reel space. Just need the recommended pound. I was going to do 30 pd. Thoughts? thanks ahead of time..............Fish Tank
  14. Went out from 4:00 to 8:00 pm last night. Had my 12 year old son and his buddy who had a great time, but below deck in what the call the 'basement'. Waves were going every which way so it was tough to find a good trolling direction. Ended 2 for 2 - both 14 pd kings. Blue Spatter Back Silver Horde - 300 copper - 130 fow - west troll Green Scaley JPlug on rigger - 75 down - 120 fow - north troll Boys had a blast but it was kind of like fishing solo - autopilot would have been great to have! ...........Fish Tank
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