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  1. I understand there have been very few salmon caught in manistee lake the past couple days. Most people are fishing out a couple miles I think
  2. Is fishing pier heads and closer any better? A friend of mine and his wife are planning to go to Manistee lake Sunday. They have a 14' boat so they are limited on where they can go.
  3. We threw about everything at them. #3 and 4 glow and non glow jplugs and meat and flies and crankbaits on slide divers dipseys. Riggers 25-50' back. Lead core 3-5 colors. Planers and plugs. I think we were just a bit early. Always worked at manistee for at least a few fish.
  4. We typically go to Manistee the Thursday after Labor Day and hit the pier heads and Manistee Lake very hard for Kings. Several people told us that fishing was really slow up there so we went to Ludington on a good tip. We have three boats working the pier heads and out to 50 feet on Thursday and Friday and Saturday morning and saw a total of seven salmon landed. I suspect things were a little bit better today but it was very very slow while we were up there. I think the run is a few weeks late. We would've went out to the shelf and the other hotspots if the waves would've been acceptable for our 16.5' boats.
  5. That's great! I have not been out this year for salmon but will be there Thursday morning. How deep were you? Looks like the water was warm close to the piers. Thanks!
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