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  1. Thanks all will see what happens.
  2. Well I thought someone would say that and I’m not the most technologically advanced guy but - I only use my I phone and this is the only site it happens on ????
  3. Lots of times I click on a topic and a pop up telling me I won something pops up. I immediately click off the site . Anyone else have this happen ? Is this website hacked ?
  4. Party boats are not popular on the Great Lakes. There are a couple for perch . Trolling is the best way to target salmon . You could contact some captains and offer to split the charter with some other folks . They often have just one or two people call that don’t want to pay for a trip by themselves.
  5. Forget salmon and trout standard smallmouth gear you may get some walleye. Check any local bait shops/ connections online etc.
  6. Nice rig. Just saw one on MI C.L. that was less equipped and only had four cylinders for 9000. You should have no problem selling but more pics will help! People are gonna ask for them anyways, good luck !
  7. Well that makes sense . Like I said I’m not interested but you guys that are can decide where to go with this.
  8. I will cast the lone negative vote . How many solo anglers don’t have / can’t afford autopilot? For any more than a solo angler you can get a program established with 6 plus rods. Not saying less is more all the time but it often is . Revenue side - what would they do with it ? Tell us how great natural reproduction is and cut king plants more ?
  9. Don’t know about the spots you asked about . Are they normally late season spots ? Fishing 2 and 3 year old fish ? Here in Michigan it was a very good year with a ton of over 20 lb and lots in the 30 lb plus club. With few exceptions the big water was mostly done around Labor Day (for this years mature fish ) I don’t river fish but saw multiple reports and talk to some who reported excellent river fishing well into October.
  10. They don't stop feeding. They are still in the mode to pack on the pounds to be able to make the spawning run. I would say your day was due to a late start, the wrong program ( not your fault) , fish not being salmon , just a bad day, or most likely a combination of all. Hope the fish God's are better to ya next time.
  11. why plant another fish that eat alewives ? Thought only the feds wanted a so called natural lake. Long been my belief that the MI DNR was going along with the fed school of thought and not admitting it. The heads of the fishery division need to explain this and personally I think fired.
  12. well its a bad day to have a new phone nut the video quit just as you were getting on the kicker subject. I dont know, thought there was something to this years ago. After consistently being at least with the fleet or many times way above we gave up on it.
  13. so you say you make them for fishing lures but wonder about boats. I had a captain who once said the boat didn't catch many fish until the kicker was attached to the main. We never trolled with the kicker it was just for backup. We tried a cannon black box but it was while prefishing and during a tournament. Never spent that much time with it but don't believe it made any difference. Good luck with your company and free advertising and pr or critical replys on this website. If I have to make a choice I say the electronic charge thing is bs.
  14. I only haveva very old streak chart but it looks like one they call skittles without the orange stripe so my updated guess is orange Skittles
  15. Just guessing i would call it orange cotton candy
  16. Yes i agree its bull . But here are some non dnr issues. The feds plant the lake trout not the dnr. They do it because of the tribal consent decree and a so called effort to return the lakes to a natural state. Here in the tc area it is totally the tribe planting and trying to maintain the Cisco's.
  17. Every area is different but yes more than one on bottom. If you are fishing a steep break let one with a 8 or 10 lb ball hit bottom on the shallow side then go with the heavy ball on the other side. You are compensated for the ball rolling down hill and not tangleing. If in a flatish are it wont matter and could drag a chute rigger for three. Dodgers or fish catchers or spin docs with a peanut spin and glo or fly and squid even clean spoons will all nail them. They will tell you what they want. Imo waste to try and target them with divers unless you really don't think you will hit any other species as the above will keep you in lake trout. You also can still go other species speeds and still catch lakers by playing with the lead lengths and action of all the above wich is why i quit cowbells.
  18. It is widely believed these things are junk. I will leave it at that.
  19. The tribe here in traverse bay area is planting Cisco's.
  20. The Cisco in gt bay are a tribetribe planting and project. They have no interest in the recreational salmon fishery. They want to net the lake trout and now the ciscos. What gets me is we do this for like 4-6 actually licensed fishermen. We need a very strong resolution to the next consent degree. Tribes you want casinos or fishing ? The tribes do nothing to help there cause. You would think ok maybe they will plant some fish. Ok so they plant walleye in gtb -the most voracious eater of fingerling salmon and trout !!
  21. I have always prefered clear. In the lightest diameter im comfortable with. It probably depends some on light and water conditions. Barely daylight i could see them equal. Mid day in sunny skys in skinny water the clear could be broken up by light and waves. I would think the green would be saw a mile away. That said i dont believe any claims of what anything including lures and lure colors and yes line looks like to fish. Some of the dumb companies think that everything looks the same through a fish eyeball or a human eyeball or they found a talking fish.
  22. Did i miss the price or you not include it (big mistake) is this a fishing boat as in you use it for fishing but it does not come with any equipment or its a cruiser your trying to sell on a fishing website. Not bad as i know some who do both but better to state upfront.
  23. That's a whale of a steelhead ! Great job of exploring and taking what the lake gived ya.
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