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  1. Saturday after we scraped our salmon program for perch we seen a hummingbird like bird go zipping by. South haven in from of the dunes
  2. Goose egg. Scraped that plan by 1030 and headed to the perch grounds caught 5. No spikes on board only thing they wanted. Drove back to grand Rapids dropped a buddy off and turned and burned back to south haven with a new fishing partner. Didn't want to run lines so perch it was. Hit the bait shop for spikes . Put 35 jumbos on board in like 3 hours.
  3. Anyone ever try this rig with copper? I have about 40 ft of copper from a break off a few weeks ago.
  4. 1 for 2 First was a steelhead on black death meat rig on a dipsey 40 back set on 3 in 45 fow right out front. Hooked up while setting up with only two lines out. Jumping behind the boat before the rod even fired. Second hook up was a big steelhead on a rigger 35 down with a black and dark green sppon with silver latterback tape in the same 45fow after getting turned around and coming back thru. After multiple jumps and runs behind the boat she came unbuttoned . Rolled back thru a few times with nothing then headed out to 80 fow regretting that decision.
  5. I'm liking the cannon single but for 15 extra dollars duels may be an option. Are either of those mountable with out tracks? If I have to get tracks I may go with single. It's not my boat the owner will make the end decision I'm the freind who is helping him get the boat rigged. He is a perch guy with no salmon experiance and I'm a novice mainly helping rig and run lines and catch fish with a few buddy's on their boats for about two years now. Used to 18 foot aluminum boats and I'm in heaven fishing on a much much bigger boat ! Got some learning to do
  6. Worked out the recessed holder in the back went out the back and the recessed holder halfway up the gunnel was set up too angle the rod just to the out side enough to keep the rods and lines from touch unless taking a sharp turn. Big jobs are on we got by I have been running just one dipsey a side on the outside holder of the downrigger (3 holders per rigger 2 of them are fixed) which conventionally is 90 degree ajustable out the side . More rod holder are coming soon
  7. 2 for 5 and few rookie mistakes Steelhead 1 on black death meat rig with a strip behind a green and silver hotspot 125 back going south set on 3 in 94fow Steelhead 2 on green big weenie meat rig (not sure on exact color) with whole herring behind a green on green spin doctor going south 90 back on 3 in 95fow Here's the bad. Big rip on green dolphin meat back 125 on 3 going north no one home 100fow Big rip on black death meat back 140 on 3 going north . 97 fow Ajusted Reset took another big rip on that dipsey in 97 fow never popped lost fish. I got it tuned to pop now. Took a huge hit on 300c going north in 100 fow with proctologist fly behind blue/silver paddle down the shoot picked it up he ripped some line out and broke the copper about 50 feet from backing. Didn't check the drag that my fault. Stayed south of peir heads all evening . All hits were taken early alow and steady and nothin in the last hour . Pulled line after the sun dropped below the horison.
  8. Looking for 2 per side they can be mounted together or seperate. My main question is what's avaliable that will be strong enough to handle dipsey getting smashed by a king without costing a fortune. I see big Jon, berts, tite lok all have versions obvious price differences. Will the low priced stuff like tite lok handle that? Also are there some less common brands that sell good stuff that are worth liking into? Will consider used stuff if someone has anything.
  9. Okay thanks so if i have 2 riggers with 2 rods and 2 free sliders, 2 inline boards and 2 dipseys I'm still legal for 2 people
  10. Running a free slider on rigger. Does this count as another line? Or do both lures count as one line?
  11. Goose egg threw the book at them a few spoons a few flys and a few meat rigs. Set lines in 120 trolled out to 160 not a mark. Trolled back in hit 100 got our first mark . Between 95 and 90 marked fish constantly. Hit 80 turned back out and zig zagged thru fish from every direction. Pulled lines just after sun went below the horizon due to green nav. light burned out. Ran high divers between 80ft and 150ft on 3 And low divers between 70 and 120 back on 1 300c on a board forgot the 7 color at home Working on getting riggers hooked up
  12. Fished from morning till about 5 pm 1/1 steelhead on 7 color taken with a silver /green spin doctor with a black death meat rig in 90fow going east.
  13. Yes board rods will have to moved to fight fish . This is only a temporary setup for this trip rod holders and down riggers are being added he is just chomping at the bit to get out there cause he will be out of town for a few weeks and the boats been in the slip unused all season.
  14. The boat us a 27ft center console with twin 200 outboards
  15. Buddy has a boat want to salmon fish on Sunday . He has 4 eletric riggers being put on next week. So we only have options to run dipseys and boards. He has 2 recessed fixes position rod holders on each side going straight out the back at 45 degree angles. Will the lines stay separated set on 3 and 1? He has 4 holders in the middle of the back of the boat that I planned on running boards from one on each side of the boat till he has the hard top and trees installed. Not great as far as running lines go but I think we can fudge it for the time being. And help and tips or concerns would be appreciated.
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