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  1. you looking for the brand or whatever this pattern is called, or both ? You saying you added the tape ?
  2. if just taking one rod, cast some old school spoons. Cleos, ko wobblers. Krocks if anyone still have them. Glow if in the dark. Gold, with copper or silver, then the blue, green combos is the order I would pick.
  3. probably very light pressure. I doubt u will get a response. Maybe look at the mdnr fish report will be out Thursday. I would just go for it. I think there's fish to be cought.
  4. happens to the best of us.don't worry .
  5. video won't work for me either. I agree on the goldfish thing though. I didn't know some were not gold but if you look at the eyes, shape and body lines and dimensions of the two, they are spot on.
  6. thanks guys.
  7. large cruise/dinner boat on lake m anyone know if any cruise , dinner type boats operate in lake mi. ? Looking for a pre wedding cruise Thursday before labor day.
  8. looks awesome. Only question is are some bigger than your finger length ? They look big. I'm sure they are delicious though !
  9. I think your right about the snow. Now with some warmer temps, it will get worse. I would stay off the lakes until after another real cold spell.
  10. the coating vs. Lack of is hey imo. I pretty much use a mix but mostly uncoated rounds. I have liked the pancakes until the fin gets bent. Some though bend them on purpose and some come that way, to get away from the boat. You will get a bunch of opinions. Experiment and use what you like. You can always adjust for blowback, other than that the fish dont care. That's all that counts !
  11. nice catch. I was on way from work yesterday and was thinking wow cold but sunny and no wind. Wondering if any one still getting out. Saw a post with pics of a great catch out of Ludington also. Keep it up, temps back around 50 this weekend!
  12. Nice catch ! The fish gods rewarded you for the payback, on the truck situation.
  13. well I'll be the first biter, no pun sorta. I only like smoked fish with a rare exception of one on the grill-probably once every couple years. I fish with a lot of newbies that want them and throw a lot back. That said if you are worried about the amount of fish you are eating due to chemicals etc. ?? If so those spring Coho are too young to have accumulated any. I think a mature king would be ok also. A long lived steel or brown I may question. A long lived lake trout would be my last choice, as they grow slower. More time for contamination. With the gobies' the Lakers are growing faster, so I would really only be concerned about a real big one.