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  1. I dont like to store my lures by hanging the hook into something . Is that what this does ? Also not keen on storing them in the sun. It will dull the paint many manufacturers use and for sure kill some glow paints. That said yes the do look cool and appear very well made , at a good price. Good luck.
  2. Great detailed report. Looks like mr kings spoons are paying off well for ya.
  3. Great report. I wouldn't think you were pushing his spoons. I have saw several reports with his spoons doing the most damage.
  4. congrats on the sale ! Hope the searay catches plenty for ya.
  5. awesome. Have saw lots of reports of kings, but your report was by far the best I have saw. I wonder if the DNR will still claim there's no bait or say wow the plant cuts working already.
  6. didn't say they weren't great looking (they are). Bet the trout and salmon would hit them also but very pricey, especially to lose one. Good luck.
  7. wow that 25 cent price drop should get the orders flowing in. Who wants to risk losing a $12 lure for a fish that you can catch on another 50 different presentations. Good luck.
  8. ok better get in the add. I don't think its out of range. If anything though a tad hi, compared to others and year etc.
  9. Holland 4/28pm

    so you cought browns or Coho ?
  10. Name of this spoon

    you looking for the brand or whatever this pattern is called, or both ? You saying you added the tape ?
  11. Fishing off Frankfort piers

    if just taking one rod, cast some old school spoons. Cleos, ko wobblers. Krocks if anyone still have them. Glow if in the dark. Gold, with copper or silver, then the blue, green combos is the order I would pick.
  12. Fishing off Frankfort piers

    probably very light pressure. I doubt u will get a response. Maybe look at the mdnr fish report will be out Thursday. I would just go for it. I think there's fish to be cought.
  13. happens to the best of us.don't worry .