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  1. The Cisco in gt bay are a tribetribe planting and project. They have no interest in the recreational salmon fishery. They want to net the lake trout and now the ciscos. What gets me is we do this for like 4-6 actually licensed fishermen. We need a very strong resolution to the next consent degree. Tribes you want casinos or fishing ? The tribes do nothing to help there cause. You would think ok maybe they will plant some fish. Ok so they plant walleye in gtb -the most voracious eater of fingerling salmon and trout !!
  2. Mono ~ clear or green

    I have always prefered clear. In the lightest diameter im comfortable with. It probably depends some on light and water conditions. Barely daylight i could see them equal. Mid day in sunny skys in skinny water the clear could be broken up by light and waves. I would think the green would be saw a mile away. That said i dont believe any claims of what anything including lures and lure colors and yes line looks like to fish. Some of the dumb companies think that everything looks the same through a fish eyeball or a human eyeball or they found a talking fish.
  3. Wire dipsys

    1000 ft of wire no backing.
  4. Did i miss the price or you not include it (big mistake) is this a fishing boat as in you use it for fishing but it does not come with any equipment or its a cruiser your trying to sell on a fishing website. Not bad as i know some who do both but better to state upfront.
  5. Holland 9-23

    That's a whale of a steelhead ! Great job of exploring and taking what the lake gived ya.
  6. Dont know where you're at or budget but a pair of electric planer reels and rocket launcher on N.M. C.L.
  7. If you fished solo, who took the pic ?
  8. Copper Line Guides

    They both are fine. U wont need to check them often. Same if u went with ceramic. Copper is "soft"
  9. Heavy cannonball, pulley & a rigger

    Look out FBD likes it. From what I have read from his posts over the years he will figure it out. You will have pulleys for 10 lb cannonball, 12, lb cannonball, 14 lb cannonball.......
  10. Heavy cannonball, pulley & a rigger

    Ok im no engineer either but i sort of get it but dont know if i do fully and or like it. Reasons, why not just get a rigger that can handle a bigger weight with no problems, hauling a heavier weight up 100 vs 160 would be way easier even with your pulley. You wouldn't get more than 20 ft of blowback with such a heavy weight, maybe not even with say a 14 or 16 lb. So 100 ft of cable would have you 80 or more. Maybe after more views we can see what others think. The end of the holiday weekend should have more folks back on here.
  11. Heavy cannonball, pulley & a rigger

    No offense but is this a joke ? What if you lose power how do you bring up a 28 lb cannonball ? You say if you want to be down 80 let out 160 ??
  12. I dont like to store my lures by hanging the hook into something . Is that what this does ? Also not keen on storing them in the sun. It will dull the paint many manufacturers use and for sure kill some glow paints. That said yes the do look cool and appear very well made , at a good price. Good luck.
  13. Great detailed report. Looks like mr kings spoons are paying off well for ya.
  14. Great report. I wouldn't think you were pushing his spoons. I have saw several reports with his spoons doing the most damage.
  15. congrats on the sale ! Hope the searay catches plenty for ya.