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  1. hey I hear ya and it can't hurt. Good luck.
  2. I used to try and keep a log thinking yea on a slow day maybe going over it might show what worked or didn't in a similar situation. Over the years I found it really didn't. With the what seems like ever evolving fishery and lake I wont bother to try again.
  3. I have never used a chameberlin release but have heard all good about them but if this happens no thanks
  4. I have a pair of double MADS trees for $75 plus shipping. Painted gold.
  5. another point I forgot is if you fish in any real rough water that makes the board do crazy stuff the outriggers are ready and able. And if its rough distance from boat is not as much of a concern.
  6. I think most would like the fact that a board gets farther from the boat so everyone uses them instead of outriggers. I have used them it is cool when a fish pull that release off. If it was me it would come down to 2 things. Do you run all inline boards, if so maybe keep the outriggers for a heavy copper setup or similar rod. Do you think you can get enough off e bay to make it worthwhile. Whoever pays shipping is gonna have a steep bill even if they collapse down to 6 or 8 ft. If you don't want to mess with Ebay put em on your boat. They look cool and can fly a flag at very least.
  7. Nice trip. Too cold for me so I just tell myself Michigan is already better than what everyone thought. It does seem teams have our defense figured out.
  8. The post is from 2012 he probably has it figured out. Nonetheless I would encourage anyone near you to join and anyone looking for help in any type of fishing to join a like organization.
  9. His add said south bend Indiana.
  10. Well I think in Michigan it's gonna be the same or worse for kings.
  11. Torch lake has a great population of Atlantic salmon. To my knowledge no alewife in torch. Maybe just time to change species. Perch and walleye ? Forget it and anyone interested in them have lots of places to fish them.
  12. I think some of you guys are taking this alewife population a bit far. I saw many reports of folks saying they had bail all over. More Lakers and such wont help because even though they eat other things they still eat a lot of alewifes.
  13. well i think we have a whole lot of other issues but this could be a good experiment. ANOTHER thought i read on john kings website close season. . MANY SPECIES have closed season during spawning but not salmon. if the dnr is selling this natural reproduction line shouldn't spawning females be protected just like many other fish ?
  14. I have saw a couple boats with omc systems that seemed like a great deal. Having heard some negative talk about them I have stayed away. This post reinforces that. Good luck.
  15. Way to take advantage of a situation!! You could have read the article and stayed home. That is part of the danger with articles like this. I also dont believe the peak of the population was 2012, good fishing maybe but not the best ever. It's all relevant though I sold a newbie a couple old manual riggers and after a few skunks he got 2. Made his season!
  16. Yep just find one with an outboard. No problem with glass though.
  17. Like u said saw 4 riggers on boats much smaller. Put on and experiment. You may find times when super currents or something make it hard or turning them like you said works. As far as tangles stagger the depths and lure types and make sure boat is going straight when sending one deeper than the others. That should help keep the lines untangled. Watch the turns. If you need to make a sharp turn for any reason it could be helpful to bring one on that side up way away from the other. Bottom line for me is.. 1. Before all the other stuff everyone ran 4 riggers all the time. 2. Untangling 2 riggers that crossed or a couple rigger rods is much easier in my opinion than untangling a diver,copper etc. Mess. 3. Even with the clear water and everyone swearing off riggers I still catch a lot of fish on them and have days when they are hotter than the other rods. Good luck whatever you decide.
  18. Lets try and get the netters to post the # not one more thing for the charter captains though that would be better than not knowing where there at.
  19. I don't know why you would ever have to go down 300 for trout on superior. If what you had served you well go with it. Or bump up to 200 ft.
  20. Calling for 85 here in tc tmw. Storm s SW wind next couple days. I sorta trust accuweather long range and this looks like the last hot spell. They will hit the river sooner or later regardless.
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