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  1. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  2. 3 for 4, 3 came on a solid ‘white’ plug - 2 on 300cu and 1 on 225cu. Biggest came on DR 75’ down on green splatterback plug. 85 to 110 fow Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  3. Ran out to 240 last night, nothing. Came back into 140 to try it for 45 minutes or so, had 4 yr old and 13 yr old with me. Minutes before I was going to pull lines at 7:45pm we had a double in 128fow. Nice coho on 225cu on green splatter back j plug. Lost larger fish after 25 minutes on 300cu on wonder bread plug. Good Luck. Good starting depth plan from what I saw last night. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  4. 1 cat and 1 sheephead. Decent size on average as well. Yes, crawlers. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  5. 3 man limit 7am-noon. 30-35fow a few miles out in front of river. Not fast and furious but picked away all morning. Perch looking harnesses and pink. It was rough so only managed 6 lines. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  6. Agree on the FYI, "5 total in any combination; no more than 3 of any one species, except up to 5 coho, Chinook, or pink salmon allowed." -DNR regulations handbook We had to head in early because I thought we were at our limit. As I read this, I have a question though: can a single person catch 3 steel and 2 lake trout? I had always thought it was 3 total non salmon, but the way this reads it seems 3&2 is ok?
  7. That's funny because I've used the walk backward method myself when reeling in 20+ pounder, fishing solo. Dual purpose to save my arms & allow me to correct boat direction when I get to the wheel. I'll suggest this when she gets a big one on next time. Thanks.
  8. 7/25: All came in roughly 120fow. All came on DR's, even though I was running 4 long lines of various lengths off boards. Lake Trout and 1 King came down 100' on big white paddle and greenish colored fly. 1 king came 85 down on mixed veggie spoon. Smallest king came on slider (~60') on blue and white flounder pounder. 2 Kings were around 7lbs and laker was 11lbs. This was my 14 year olds attempt to out fish his 10 year old sister from last Tuesday (7/18) at Port Sheldon. She landed our 2 person limit of steelhead(4), lake trout, brown trout & a king. They were mostly long (7 & 11 color) lead cores with spoons. She did a LOT of cranking. She also had to learn to 'pump' the pole to get the laker to come in.
  9. Thanks for the report. Going to be fishing out of Au Gres for the next week while up with kids on vacation. Is there a depth or distance from port you can recommend?
  10. 23lb'er, I had an issue with the slider coming off, which led to hand lining it in the last 10' or so. Had to deal with that last run with line going through my fingers. Drag was screaming for first several minutes of the fight. Lighting was good. Weeds are horrible this year compared to past.
  11. Solo. 4/5 7PM'ish: 23lb King; DR down 99' Big White paddle w/ white fly. @ Sunset, the next three came one after the other: 13lb Lake Trout. DR down 90 on Mixed Veggie. Did not trip rigger. 7.5lb Steelhead on 300 copper with small white paddle and fly just as I got net in boat. 5 lb Kind on same DR immediately after setting it, but on slider with Mixed Veggie spoon.... All of this was in 104 to 115 FOW south of port, maybe a third of the way to Holland.
  12. Maybe 6 feet for slider, although I improvised the other day and just used a 24" leader (swivel snaps on either end) and that is what I caught the king on... The slider simply stops at the lower bait and if no fish is on there usually is no tangle at all. Sometimes all the flopping of a fish might cause a little tangle to be undone after netting, but worth it. Especially when fishing alone or just two people, it is worth it to get a couple extra baits in the higher water.
  13. I use snubbers w/ the Dipsey's when I run them, which I did not last night. Good suggestion. My land percentage is usually pretty good, just a lot less hits than last night (2-4 hits per trip max). If this becomes a trend, I will try adding snubbers. Thanks!
  14. Great conditions on lake before storm rolled in late. Big Willow by launch partially fell on guard shack & they were cutting it down when we launched, blocking the entrance. Still No lights anywhere functioning at launch. Fished 6-9:30 7 hits between 8-9:15 300 Cu plug (white bottom, blue on top, 30 years old...) - 1 for 2. Short/Fat Coho, full belly alewives.... 225 Cu plug (white) 0 for 2 5 color w/ plug (silver) 0 for 1 Mixed Veggie Spoon on a DR slider probably 20 ft down. 0 for 1 Orange/Green Glow Flounder Pounder spoon took 12lb King on DR slider. King was also full of bait fish... I guess I need to sharpen some hooks. Still fun to have action that fast w/ 12 yr old son. 105-115fow a little north of port. 1.8-2.5 sog.
  15. 3/3, all kings 6:30AM: S troll, 7 color, blue flounder pounder spoon, 130fow, 12lb 7:30AM: S troll, 150 copper, green meat rig (?), 135fow, ~6lb noon'ish: E troll, rigger, 45 down in 155fow, melon UV spoon, 10lb last one got tangled in 225 copper backing/board and caused quite a mess. Needed to cut backing due to large knot & hand in the copper. (got it spooled back this evening.) Speed was anywhere from 2.0-2.8
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