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  1. Got a late start Sunday morning. Had all rods set at 715 in 65 feet of water. Didn't get a bump till about 9:45. 100FOW South troll dipsey set on 3 150 with a green silver flasher and red stinger meat rig. Landed a nice 9# king. Had one more strike on troll in. 60 FOW same pole and set up except only 120 back. Nothing on spoons. Marked fish in 80-100 feet of water.
  2. Thanks guys for all the info. I am hoping to get out sometime soon. Seems a little slow or at least not many reports out of Muskegon. I picked up some gear the other day and going to try some of the helpful hints. Just need the lake to lay down a little.
  3. Never heard of a cuba torpedo weight....may look into that too...
  4. Yes I am running snubbers of the divers. Sorry forgot to add that. I also planning of increasing the leader # up also... I am going to try copper and see what happens. I hope to get out in next couple days but not sure on how well the wind is going to cooperate. Thanks fellas!!
  5. Thanks for info guys. I was seriously considering copper and the meat rigs... I'll work a little harder on getting a rigger. Thanks again.
  6. I'm Looking for a little advice. I have a 18' Triton and rigged it up with four rod holders and run 4 dipseys off the back. Last year was first year doing this and made 4 trips out of Muskegon. I ran last year on two rods flashers and flies and on two rods couple spoons. In time I may get a rigger or two, but for now this is what I have. Should I consider running some copper? I have to travel about 65 miles one way just to fish and just looking for some help to make it a little more successful. Last year out of Muskegon I went 2/8 the two being Coho's. I did have a couple of King's on but line broke and I think it was my drag not being set right. Running 50# fireline with 20# mono as leaders. Any advice would be appreciated. Well except for just stay home...cause I enjoy being out there hooked up or not. Thanks!
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