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  1. Dropped lines at the peir heads in south haven at 6:45 this morning headed west until we hit 100ft then turned around and trolled back to 80ft very very slow saw one king caught off the peir and ourself had one release on a rigger with a green meat rig in 35fow thats it so we packed up and went to fish the mud in saugatuck i realized we were late for the morning bite but still trailered up there, didnt catch any fish there either... Talked to some other boats that fished out in 85-95fow in saugatuck and sounded like fishing was much better there in the morning.
  2. I also say filters then put seafoam in ur tank cleans everything out and works great. It worked on my big boat and 90 horse 2-stroke merc
  3. 72 degrees at the top and about the same all the way till 65ft down
  4. 7 for 10. Fished 80-110 fow first fish was on a rigger down 65 with a blue SD and fly 5lb king, hit a little dry spell then that same rod went off and took a 12lb king 200c with an ace hi glo green ladder back plug took a steelhead then diver set on 2 back 140 took a 15lb king on a green meat rig shoot rigger down 75 with a chatruse back glo ace high fired twice and lost both fish diver set on 2 back 110 with a mirage meat rig took a rip and was gone 300c took a nice steelie with a blue jackle moonshine spoon and 200c took a 10lb king, fullcore with blue jeans spoon took a laker.
  5. 4 for 4 fished 85-90 fow first fish was a king on braid diver back 87ft set on 2 with a white spindoctor and 4th of july meat rig, second fish came on 200c nice steelie, next king came on braid diver 110ft set on 2 with a green meat rig and spin doctor and so did the following fish.
  6. I feel your pain fished till 10:30 was still ruff took me 40min to get back in
  7. Judging from the bouy it looks like its set back up now 70ish down till 23ft then slowly but steady droping temp down to 65ft where its 44
  8. Well hopefully 2 days of southwest wind will push that cold water out for saturday
  9. Thats strange... Water hasnt turned fish should still be out deep too
  10. Coppers man 300 or 200 catches lots of fish also try using a 20lb flourocarbon leader on your dipseys instead of mono i have never broke a 20lb flouro leader unless it was human error also have your drag rather loose on divers because they do take violent strikes. Also you cant go wrong with meat rigs they catch lots of fish on divers or your 300 copper. For instance i fish out of a 17ft tracker and i run 2 riggers wire divers and braid divers on each side and 4 long lines, long lines and divers by far catch the most fish in my perspective but riggers still are something to look into, hope this helps and good luck!
  11. Saturday fished 95-120 fow north. Went 5 for 7 200c with watermelon spoon took a 12# king fullcore with blue jeans glo/uv spoon took 18# king rigger down 45 with green jeans spoon took 18# king 100c with bumble bee spoon took a laker and rigger down 65 took a laker with a white glo j plug. Today was tuff for us at least, fished a hair north went 1 for 5, first bite came on fullcore with blue jeans glo/uv spoon next bite came on fullcore again while fighting that fish 200c with a wonder bread spoon fired lost that fish before the board was to the boat the fish on fullcore was a massive laker and lost him right at the boat, then 100c ripped and drug the board under causing us to loose that fish and finally boated a nice steelie on 100c with a bumble bee spoon.
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