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  1. Fished both south and north of Saug solo trip. Single hit 40 FOW, 30down on downigger with mixed veggies spoon, north troll north of piers. 12.25# King. Fished 4 hours, 25 to 45 depths with 2 colors and Downriggers. No other hits.
  2. PS 7/29 AM Solo trip 7:30am-11am 13# King 55 down in 130; gray ladder back Ace Hi plug 4.5# Laker - on slider with mag blue dolphin ~65 down in 140 3# Laker - on Dipsy 150 back @ 2 also in 140 mag carmel dolphin Trolled south with the waves until it started settling out @10am Also 4 other hits in the range 30-40 down (120-130') none were hooked for more than a few guess is coho or maybe small kings...the one on the longest wasn't able to trip the rigger release, it was really active like a coho after manual release before shaking off.
  3. Thanks for posting lure picts
  4. Was also out yesterday am at PS, solo trip, caught 2 kings between 8am-9am just north in 130'; 1 15# 55 down on mag moonshine; 1 14# 80' down on green & white meat rig. Both had a decent amount of alewives in them. Fished 7-10:30am
  5. fishoak

    Holland 10-2 am

    Thanks for the update on the trip out
  6. I drove by it on the way back from Holland today; it looked like the mess it has been for weeks. There were zero (0) boat trailers in the lot at 12pm noon; I don't remember seeing that happen on a summer (albeit late summer) Saturday before.
  7. Tough fishing, thanks for the report
  8. Solo trip 1 for 1, 5# Coho. ~40' down on a downrigger slider; moonshine mag spoon. 80 FOW. Marked a few fish from 6:30am-8:00am in 70-85'; Coho came ~8:00...didn't mark any more after that and cleared lines at 9am with the building waves. PS ramp and the parking lot is a real mess with the weeds.
  9. 1 for 1; 17# king on white speckled meat rig ~9am 40 down on DR in 75 FOW; Missing adipose; saved head to turn in. Had a lot of bait ?shiners? in its stomach. There was a crazy amount of bait in 65-75 FOW before sunrise. Fish were in there; but were not compelled by my baits.. The bait cleared out with the sun. The thick weed mats have made their way into the docks; now even the center ramps are filled.
  10. Exciting. I had a king cross over a DR and dipsy line Sunday when fishing solo. Managed to get out of it, but at the time, was thinking I'd be in a mess if one of those other rods had popped. Nicely patterned Laker.
  11. Solo trip 8/7 AM. Finally caught some kings. 8# king on Mag green moonshine spoon at day break 30' down in 70' 18# king on Silver Horde pearl/gray ladder back; 35' in 80' 10# king on same Silver Horde 40' in 90' All north of the stacks; SOG ~2.0-2.2
  12. Interesting; it's not showing on the surface temp charts today or further out with the PS buoy thermisters. I checked surface temp in and out at PS yesterday and it was not cooler in close. I don't have a temp probe, so didn't check deeper, but I didn't guess it would flip partially in close. I guess I need to do some scouting next time before heading out deeper just in case. Thanks for the comment back.
  13. Nice bonus walleye. I'm surprised at the depth of doesn't look like the lake flipped. Did you do some scouting in shallow to decide to try staying in that close?
  14. I fished PS solo today; no fish, but after getting no hits from 6:30-9:30am working 75-110; I took a run out to 200'. I was marking a lot of fish out there right at 200'; all about 100' down, but no takers. Based on the size of the marks, maybe coho. Trolled a few loops at 200, then trolled back to ~160. The further from 200, the fewer marks; pretty much nothing once I hit 180. Was also marking some fish in the ~20' range. Wish I would have started/stayed in that 200' area.
  15. 7/10 AM - Fished 7:30-12:30pm. 3-4, all Lakers, all in 65-75 FOW. 2 on purple/blue DW spoon 55 down, 1 on slider mixed veggies 45 down, 1 on slider watermelon 50 down. Fished 55-95, but only took hits in the 70 range. A number of boats in the 80-100; not sure if they did anything.