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  1. Braid to spool: ~40 feet of Mono as Capt. Matt stated Braid to copper: Splice in a section of mono. I like to use the 80# Sampo ball bearing barrel swivels with a haywire twist and shrinkwrap for the copper and fisherman's knot for the mono. Braid to leadcore: Splice in a section of mono, uni-to-uni for both connections Braid to mono: Uni-to-uni knot
  2. I agree with the above posts, the barrier coat should already be in place. Also, 80 grit sandpaper is the way to go. If you are doing it on a trailer don't forget to get under the bunks/rollers. As far as getting covered, I used a tyvek suit: http://www.amazon.com/DuPont-TY122S-Disposable-Elastic-Coverall/dp/B0008F4HPQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426561756&sr=8-1&keywords=tyvek+suit It's not a fun job, but cleanup at the end of the year is a breeze .
  3. My first suggestion would be to focus on finding bait, rather than the perfect water temperature. As was mentioned previously, kings will feed out of temperature. This is particularly true in the early am before the sun comes up, and at this time of year. That has been my experience in Ludington. Not sure what you are running in the spread, but I would try some green/glow spin doctors with a green/glow fly or blue bubble glow spin doctors with a blue fly off of the dipsies. Maybe try to change up the leads to the spinnies, I have had good luck with 12 foot leads to the spinnies and 24 inch leads on the flies. Glow spoons are also good, as was mentioned the moonshines are money, Stinger NBK, Bloody Nose Glow, Dreaweaver glow green eye ghost. I like these off the riggers.
  4. I have a pair of their quad-trees. Good product
  5. Watch out for the ones in the aisles as they have a tendency to get stepped on.
  6. I bought it after seeing this post. Is there a line type, setting, speed, line out = depth combination you have in mind? If you do let me know and I will tell you what it spits out. I have no way of determining if it's accurate. If you have the big lake trolling guide or something like that I could compare it to that for you.
  7. Recently I have been attending a lot of seminars, and many of the speakers stress knowing the subsurface speed, as well as the heading, depth of water, and depth of lure, type of lure, temperature, species of fish, etc., etc.,. For those of you who keep a log, what type of information do you collect and find useful, and what does your log sheet look like? I think I would like to start keeping a log this year and I am looking for some ideas. Thanks, Mike
  8. Got a picture? I don't think a spoon named old dirty panties would sell very well .
  9. If you are looking for a charter to show you the ropes out of Holland I would second Tangled Mess.
  10. Please let us know what your results/conclusions are once you have a chance to analyze your data.
  11. It seems to me that you might like a starcraft islander based upon your description of the boat you want. Does it have to be glass? It seems like if you want a bigger boat that is still trailerable this might be the way to go. I have run across many in the 2-5k range that are in nice shape recently. While the ride might not be as nice as a glass boat, you will get the size you want and still be able to tow it with a half-ton truck.
  12. We did an experiment one time and cut every other fish right behind the gills with a sharp fillet knife. This ruled out other factors like the amount of time in the cooler, etc. The fish that were cut had firmer, better colored flesh, and did not make a mess when cleaning them. They also seemed to taste better. I think the best way to do it, if you have the room, is to cut them and then put them face down in a five gallon bucket. Let them bleed while you are resetting the line. When the line is back in, throw them in the cooler and rinse the bucket over the side of the boat. No messing with stringers, no gallons of blood in the cooler.
  13. Good work on the fish, it seems like your program was well thought out with the dreamweaver package. It was a great event this year again. What color was the sportsman spoon?
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