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  1. Nice work guys! We fought a couple in that range on full cores this weekend and we are talking arm PUMP!!
  2. Great pics steve! Thanks for the report
  3. Damn...haven't seen a report like that in a while. Nice work!!
  4. Nice work Kyle We are fishing just north of you and the flasher fly bite that was south of you is not up here.....90% spoons...sounds the same with you! Thanks for the report
  5. Gord I would have thought this was a usual thing in lake ontario with all the fish in that lake. Very chaotic and extremely exciting with a small crew!!
  6. Had a chance to get out sunday am and it started hot and heavy at 4:45 am as we lost a ripper on the wire and just as that was put back down 3 more rods went, two on the riggers (spoons) and one on a full core (spoon) With only two of us on the boat this is EXACTLY what i was hoping for as it was complete chaos with 3 reels SCREAMING. We landed all 3 in the 12-15 lb range. It was pretty steady for the rest of the morning with alot coming unbuttoned. A few more highlights of the day were a steelie jumping 4' out of the water 10' off the back of the boat with a spoon in his lip without popping a rod and trying to guess which rod it was, also had one rigger stacked with spoons 15' apart and one king came up with both spoons in his MOUTH...try figuring that one out...i can see the other one snagged as he put up a nice fight...but in his mouth???? We had another steelie rip out 300' in around 20 seconds i am guessing and put on an aerial show for us 500' back and then came unbuttoned after a few more minutes. After a few hours of fishing we ended the day 9 for 13 with one greaser released. Two steelies around 5 and 9 lbs and 6 kings, smallest about 7 and the biggest pushing 15. The guys at the marina tell us this is the best they have seen yet as far as numbers and there was a 22 lb'er caught as well as a 26 1/2 this past week that i actually saw pictures of so the fishing is starting to pick up and fortunately i was there to help kick it off. As far as what caught them there was no rhyme or reason to anything. They were scattered all over in the water column and came on flies and spoons, riggers, divers and cores. Not sure of the names of any of the spoons as we were not on my boat, but the blue spoons seemed to be the best.
  7. Nice work Jim...nothing like the fight behind a chrome dome!!
  8. Much nicer than a skunkeroo...nice work on getting the box bloody!!
  9. You guys sure know how to put fish in the boat in what sounds to be a tough bite around there...nice work guys!!
  10. Nice work Don....that looks like the makings of a nice 4th of July cook out!!
  11. Mark Sounds better than a sharp stick in the eye...we also picked up a couple of those nasty grease balls and the weather was great up here as well.
  12. Nice work on the eyes Frank. Good to hear everything worked out with the rig.
  13. Nice work Dan...beautiful stretch of catching weather we had!!
  14. Congrats Bill!! Best of luck on the health as well!
  15. Yes, I couldn't agree more on marking the boards. It would be very interesting to see where they end up. The board i lost was a new starboard walleye board. It was calm out and we had a screamer hit the 300 copper and the braid broke. I assume, being we had a green horn that set that side up, something was rigged wrong because we watched this thing get sucked right under the water and should have slid right off. We set a waypoint and circled hoping it would surface and nothing. I had high hopes of a great story finding the board with a fish still hooked:D
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