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  1. well the plan was to meet up at llandudno this morning on our arrival it was a bit on the lumpy side with a n w wind blowing ??? ???so it was decision time and popeye suggested rhoscolyn as it would be protected from the wind ;D ;D that was it back in the cars and off an hour later we were there ;D ;D this was the venue here is an over view of the area some great views around plus we had our own red arrows display ;D ;D there were plenty of these caught today ;D ;D well thanks guys for a great day it was sure better than being in work thanks again for a great day looking forward to the next one now
  2. no glf we dont keep log of the temps as for tide times yes we fished up and over high water 2 hours before and after
  3. i think its slightly warmer and deeper water theres been some good mackeral to 2lbs and pollock to 8lbs caught recently but just not today
  4. well i got the car packed up this morning the venue was porth dafarch with the hope of a few fish :)i met up with shark at the conwy industrial estate for 9am . there is one thing i noticed straight away loading the yak on the car slightly heavier and most definately longer than my old p13,and also the bounce on the front of the kayak at a steady 55-60mph i will be investing in a sucker pad for my bonnet . we arrived at dafarch about 10am unloaded the kayaks and sorted things out ready to get on the water here is shark on the way to mackeral rock it was a bit lumpy just outside the bay but we plodded on heading further around the headland we were after a few mackeral but there was none about not even the charters were getting them or the small boats : i had the only fish of the day three whitting taken on a shrimp rig on the drift but i didnt get the camera out for the white rats ;D ;D we did numerous drifts up and down but the maccies wouldnt come out to play after having a good few hours drifting about it was time to put the 160 through its paces i found it a very stable kayak and a great fishing platform the rudder is a very handy bit of kit which i enjoyed playing around with ;D ;D i then handed the 160 over for shark to try out and got a few pics to having a paddle around in the bay then it was time to try the re-entry and stability out a bit more which shark did very well,here are the pics lying down the squat re-entry on the whole a great few hours in great company and im sure shark will be adding a bit more ;D ;D
  5. went to a friend weighed 41/2 pound!
  6. well we decided a trip to the breakwater was on the cards ;Dmeet up with shark and offplot and i was hoping to break my duck ;D ;Dbait was rag,lug,mackeral and squid ;)i fished two rods at distance and one on light tackle down the side for the mini species it wasnt long and i was in to the wrasse in all i had 5 wrasse and 1 dog shark had a nice rockling offplot saved his blank with a whitting and also this monster i hope that larry went down well ;D ;D ;D in all a great afternoon and great company ;D ;D ;D ;D
  7. well it was a last minute thing gave shark a ring to see if he fancied a couple of hours out we decided to try conwy ;D ;Dit was a cracking evening weather wise we both set two rods up in the hope for fish well it was very slow with only these to show for it! ;D ;Dcrabs ;D ;D however it was nice to see a swan swimming up the river however the picture doesnt do it justice in all a nice few hours in good company ;D ;D ;Dyet another blank for me just hope i break my duck soon ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  8. sharks:no:dont fancy a shark on me yak:grin:
  9. we didnt manage a fish pic sorry
  10. well it was my second trip out of the year meet up this morning with adb1256 and keith cheers for the great company guys we paddled out towards the little orme just after 10.30am this morning sat at anchor and fished a while the fishfinder was going potty at this point ;D ;D had a couple of good bites then it went quiet :(but still loads of fish on the fishfinder ??? ??? we then headed to a mark just off the tip of the pier and anchored up again with nothing much doing at all we headed around the tip of the great orme to pidgeons and once again anchored up ;D ;Dthis is where the only fish of the day was caught by adb1256 a launce ;D ;D it was great to get out again on the water even though there was a lack of fish ??? sitting at anchor pidgeons cove adb1256 keith seaward view the headland ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  11. heres a pic of the new arrival weighing in at 3lb 1oz currently in special care baby unit
  12. thanks for that guys i will add some soon
  13. hi all well its been a while for me but my kayak is hitting the water this weekend:grin:after the mrs giving birth 11 weeks early to our new arrival:):)ive been given a pass for a few hours to try and relax:grin: i will add a full report for you all sunday evening thats uk time though:grin:
  14. that sounds like over here in the uk
  15. hi all the weather over here is dire we have snow ice and cold temps was hoping to get out on a night fish this weekend but!im may have to stay home!
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