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  1. Sean Have i got a deal for you ha ha.....I believe i have 2 of your rods already rigged with copper from last year. We did so well off of the 2 i had that i decided to try throwing a couple more into the spread and low and behold i found a couple of rod/reel combos someone had left on my boat!! I think i have 45# on them but rigged them a little shorter than my others 200' i think:D
  2. I am envious to say the least! We still have 20" of ice out there.
  3. Too tired to list it at this point.....this season is going to end up costing me 8 grand before i even get in the water....4 for me....4 for her!!! I guess that is the price i a have to pay to stay out of the dog house! The screaming drags are worth every penny in my opinion! Nothing like it:grin:
  4. Nice one fishsniffer......great comeback!
  5. A few nice ones even.....imagine that on a 30" ice fishing rod
  6. It cost me alot of money to outfit the boat with the tekota 600lc for mono, braid and wire, but i have never found a reel that feels as smooth. These are a salt water rated reel and everything is sealed and should last a hell of a long time. I have had some, what i thought were nice diawas, wear out in a short period of time and lose some nice fish before they were retired. For copper and leadcore i run the Penn 330's which have been good so far.
  7. Hey Pecker This was a recommendation from Carl Miller and the reason, he said, was due in part to the auto pilot that i am putting on holding a tight course in the rough stuff. You know how it is when you are going to run tourneys......you can't pick your weather!! I welcome everyones opinion though because i have always trolled with my big motor in every boat i have ever had.
  8. Anyone out there own something close to this model? If anyone has one i have some questions on a kicker if you have one mounted as well.
  9. We never did get a pic of that fish, but we do have a pic of the tourney board with us in the money once AGAIN!!! I am afraid we set the bar to high last year in the tournaments and it is going to be a BIG challenge to only have single digit finishes this year. We never even had a skunk on superior last year.....I think that one is going to be even tougher to beat!!!!!
  10. There are definitely pros and cons to both dual blade and in lines. The dual blades, which i run, are an a$$load of work but i do like the fight being just between me and the fish. I also like the dual blades because they are not jumping all over making my rods dance giving me fish anxiety!!! The biggest problem i have is trying to run 100 yds 45# copper. I have to pull my dipsy rods to get the copper back out without tangling. These setups really took the fish last year but we really WORKED for those fish. I guess i can only see it as not having a choice on pulling dipsys when you are running a line that sinks this quickly and pulls right across your dipsy lines.
  11. We have some interesting discussions going on about this matter on our local site. http://upangler.com/forums/index.php?topic=883.0 LBDN is a great fishery and plays a key economic roll in upper peninsula sport fishing and it is sickening to see that a bunch of MONGRELS have put a large dent in it:angry2:
  12. Best of luck on the recovery Mike....i would be willing to bet that you find a way to be ready for the spring:confused: I am hoping to get down your way in june before the bite gets heavy here and fish with you guys!!
  13. I have a feeling we are going to be seeing alot more of these vids this year.......bring em on guys!! Sean it would have been nice to have had a vid on that first fairport tourney when that king ripped out all 300 yards of the backer behind the 10 color before we could clear lines and chase it down and still ended up boating the big fella!!! THAT WAS A SCREAMER!! I am pretty sure you remember this one....only if you were a little taller you could have reached that rod before i got there!
  14. A guy posted this recently on our local website......thought it was pretty exciting and wanted to share the envy!!! + Google Video ERROR: If you can see this, then Google Video is down or you don't have Flash installed.
  15. Anyone that fishes superior that doesn't already have the stinger agent orange, killer tangerine and the stinger nitro series "twister" need to put them in their boxes also. The nitro series glows just as good as a moonshine but is much lighter and give you a much better speed range due to the lighter weight!!!
  16. The Holly Christmas is the same colors, but craigs x-mas is orange on the top side and orange/green dots on bottom....page 4 on the stinger site. Is your pic at ranguettes in fairport?
  17. Stinger's Craigs X-Mas Slaughtered the fish in superior last year!!
  18. I have a 2300 sea swirl striper with a 200hp johnson ocean pro and am looking for an affordable/reliable auto pilot....any suggestions would be appreciated?
  19. I have a 2300 sea swirl striper with a 200hp johnson ocean pro and am looking for an affordable/reliable auto pilot....any suggestions would be appreciated?
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