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  1. Hey Mike I think that one is mine. It must have floated your way when i lost it in the sheboygan WI tourney:grin:
  2. There is a difference in the motors between the captains pack and the pro tournament riggers. I am not sure what they recommend with the captains pack as far as a maximum. Like Nick said, give them a call and they will be happy to answer your question.
  3. Nice work Jim! Still waiting for the mayflies and we should get into the steelies pretty good up here!! love them little acrobats!
  4. I am not the only trig nerd out there!! Don do you still remember that from school? I had to learn it all over again when my job required me to cut rafters the old fashioned way!!
  5. Mike I moved your post over to the report section. I may be heading down wednesday for an evening run. How were the evenings in comparison to the am? From the reports i have been getting sounds like you did pretty well!! Nice job Mike and thanks for the report!!
  6. Hey Mike Can you post your results from fairport?
  7. Seen better days hey Mike. To hold a 3rd place i would say not a bad day though. Nice job guys!!
  8. Love the reports guys....green with envy!! Nice job on the check Adam!!:ps-020:
  9. Great report Capt Ron! Craigs X-Mas is still getting it done! Love that spoon
  10. Nice work Frank and Tom on the eyes....thanks for the reports and the pics!! I have had solid ground under me for 2 stinkin weeks now and could be 2 more before i repower:(
  11. Can't beat a last minute 20 #'er!! Nice work Gordy!
  12. What i would do for a fish like that right now...nice work terry!!
  13. Nice Josh and thanks for sharing the fish porn!! I am happy to see those riggers will be put to good use!!
  14. Here is my open opinion. Cannons seem to be a nice rigger and have some collaboration advantages that make them unique and they are fast on retrieval and also taut a 20# weight capacity, however that weight capacity and durability from a long term perspective is questionable in my opinion with a telescopic boom and composite plastic body. The advantages i see for Big Jon are their durability which is unparalleled by any company as well as any issues are taken care of by these guys in a time frame that will amaze you and have you back fishing in no time and as you mentioned the made in michigan stamp helps. The disadvantage that Big Jon has, other than the brute series which has adjustable speed settings up to 250 ft per min, is that they are not quite as fast as a cannon, but in my opinion durability and the service factor alone made my decision an easy one with Big Jon. I forgot to mention that it is not uncommon for Big Jon to call a wear and tear issue out under warranty between 5 and 10 years after purchase and that is tough to beat
  15. I feel your pain. I am down as well....nothing painless about trying to get rig mobile when she is down$$$$ best of luck!
  16. This does look like it might be nice. I have the great lakes planer system which has a net holder and is a pain to get around the thing to the net when i have the top on.
  17. Nicely done on the quick program!! I need to go fishing:confused:
  18. The peds will mount to a track plate. It is the same recessed screw attachment as it is with the regular plates. Big jon will get you set with anything you need.....these guys are extremely helpful and they will have the stuff out to you in no time at all. You will love the duals i have a set on each side.
  19. Nice work! How did the wives enjoy their "Boat ride":grin:
  20. Nice catch Josh! We have nothing left but lakers in munising bay:mad: I think we are going to try Fairport this weekend. No good report from there yet but they have to turn on some time and i want to be there when they do!!
  21. The deck room for fishing on these boats is incredible. I have always wanted one just like this one but unfortunately i have to trailer an awful lot so i think i will just stick to my 24'. I love it and i am sure you must be coming out of your skin by now wanting to dip her!! Nice find John:D
  22. Hot Dog Call John Williams @ Big Jon and he will hook you up with what you need (231) 275-1010. They are making parts to adapt their gear to both trax-tech and berts.
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