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  1. Hi Capt. Dan, I'm just a newbie and found your page. Looks like you still enjoy the sport alot like I do. Good fishing, maybe we'll hook up together someday, exchange fun trips. Thanks.

  2. If you have missed a few of my posts this fall, you don't know that both the walleye fishing numbers and the size of the walleyes showing up on both the Saginaw Bay and the river this year have been outrageous. Not since the late 80's have I personally seen such big average size walleyes in a days catch. My fishing board alone has had 4 Bay/River fish near or over 12 pounds posted on it since late November. And many guys are already talking about lots of 8 and 10 pounders being landed at this early date through the (just getting safe) ice on the river. And the real kicker is that you can catch a dozen 5 to 14 inchers first, and then snap a 12 pounder with the Next Bite in the same hole. This huge, healthy spread of sizes, year classes and record breaking numbers bodes very well for the future of not only big fish but also for the eater sizes most prefer. Add to all this the new and unusual tendencies (to us locals anyway) of the walleyes sticking around in the river well into late spring, and no tournament fishing days canceled because of weather and the rivers fishablility, and you have the makings of yet another very competitive (and possible show-down) when the AIM tourney hits town next May.
  3. Ditto. And may 2010 bring us many new faces and some sanity in both houses.
  4. Hell, we can make this easy on the both of us. I'll trade you (bag for bag) any fresh whitefish you have for as many equal bags of walleyes you want.
  5. There is probably one other thing not considered here. And the only one thing at this time that Adam won't be able to relate to quit yet. Age and physical ability. That decreased desire to get out and enjoy some things when it's windy and only 26 degrees outside. Clint Eastwood said it all. A man has to know his Limitations.:rolleyes:
  6. If your having Winter labor pains already, your going to be in major mental anguish in 60 days when I'm still hoping to be ice fishing on Lake Simcoe.
  7. Allow me to be the voice of reason once again. Don't be to quick in blaming Power Loading. Many of these public and marina ramps were built during the "HIGH WATER" days of the 70's and 80's. The old water mark on the Linwood Beach Marinas sea wall is 36 to 40 inches up the wall from the current water line. That's 3 feet less water in the launching area, which would require who knows how many extra feet of new launching ramp cement to back your trailer down on to to float your boat. Thus, the shortened cement buffer zone before the drop off. I know of many ramps that have this same problem and at this economic stage of the game IMV will not be fixed or extended any time soon unless causing some real damage or physical harm.
  8. Sit and wait is more my style while ice fiishing. I will say that run and gun is (probably most of the time) more productive. If by myself and hauling my one man pop-up, I do more running and gunning. But most of the time I'm with friends or 2 clients hauling my Dog sled and the "Circus Big Top" shanty I use, and that big set-up production takes me anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes to cut/clean holes and set everything up inside. I will move if not to late in the day and my Cell phone contacts are doing that much better then me and not 10 miles away. And I will say through experience, that both tendencies along with the type of day (weather) will at certain times pay bigger dividends then the other.
  9. Fried Crappie..............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Nice catch Aadam. That place looks familliar. And how do I keep missing this section of the board.
  10. Ditto. If $1,300.00 is going to bankrupt you. And the time spent getting your business leagally licensed and insured to much of a hassle. What happens when little Johnny falls in your boat and his parents sue you for the 3 Grand to replace his front teeth.
  11. Our water conditons picture looks a little different. We have ice out over a mile already and up to 7 inches thick. Hell, Walleyeguy already limited out on the ice yesterday in 7 FOW. I was waiting for him to post the pictures on here but he did not, so here they are. If I can get all my ice fishing ducks in a row, me and Reel Fishin are going to hit it this weekend.
  12. Excellent finish Ken. Looking back at the pictures starting in October (as those are the only records I keep) counting the river and Bay trips with the Brother, we did manage a few walleyes as well. Starting October 5th on the river using Lead Core and #5 Raps, runing to December 6th on the Bay with Zuris and Bombers. Fished 14 days both day and night, landed 131 walleyes with many of those released. My biggest about an 8 pounder and Mark landing a 10, both released. So yes, it was a very good fall season.
  13. Got word from a couple of sources that they are walking out 3/4 mile on 4 inches of ice in the area between Quanicassee and King road and catching limits of walleyes. That happened early last year as well.
  14. Well, with only 10 days left until that most holy of holy events, it's time once again for me to wheel out My old fishing poem that copies "The night before Christmas" beat with a fishing twist added. It's been the hardest Christmas season for me personally to get into the mood this year, with this commercial law suit thing going on concerning the Saginaw Bay. Along with a President pushing us into what looks to be (IMV) a government run country headed for bankruptcy and a debt so heavy even our personal protection may be in question, that happy, holiday mood hasn't really hit home yet. But in this poem a man spares the life of a fish, in a gesture that truly mirrors why Jesus was born and died on the cross. He gave us another chance at life. Merry Christmas to all of you. “Twas the night before Christmas and across Saginaw Bay” “The shantys were lit up with ice fishermen wanting to stay” “I had just sat out a Tip-Up, that I positioned within view” “But concentrated more on my jigging, as Tip-Up's take few” “My Do-Jiggers flutter settled and awaited it's fate” “As a thick band of red appeared near it, on the OL’FL8” “My pulse suddenly quickened, and my rod hand began to shake” “I sat almost motionless, while awaiting the take” “With the first twitch of the rod tip, and a snap of the wrist” “I drove home the sharp trebles, in the lips of the fish” “Her struggle was valiant, with violent bends in the pole” “But with slow steady pressure, I worked her up into the hole” “Her girth was impressive, Her length 30 inches or so” “My buddy looked kinda puzzled, when I said...... "I think I’m letting her go” “Some things need explaining, while others fall into place” “I had to say something, from the look on his face” “Think of this buddy, before we call it a night” “Tomorrows Gods birthday, and He's blessed everything with life” “I’ve caught plenty of walleyes, and taken home my share” “I’m giving this one back to him, it would only be fair” “So down into the hole, and under the ice” “Now swim away, swim away, and give someone else a good fight” Capt: Dan.
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