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  1. Just carrying this post over from another that kinda got off track. Here is a pic of the hog caught this past Wednesday at "The Rock"...and to be honest this size fish is not that out of the ordinary for those who brave Gitche Gumee
  2. i just installed the simrad 14H on my boat and have not had a chance to splash my rig yet. Anyone have this unit interfaced with their chart plotter?
  3. Those winter "hobbies" do tend to make summer babies!! One can only ice fish for so long:grin:
  4. Right here in munising is the best part of lake superior....there are some areas on the north shore that rival it, but i think we have it hands down. Your wife is really going to love the pictured rocks and all around grand island. You might want to think about checking out stannard rock while you are here for the trout though. It is about 50 miles one way trip but they are all native lake trout....none of these fats! If you are not familiar with "the rock" check this out. It is pretty neat....can not even see land while there. Definately have to pick you days though! Been some rough rides back from the rock and it isnt any fun! http://marinas.com/view/lighthouse/774_Stannard_Rock_Lighthouse_MANITOU_ISLAND_MI http://www.lighthousefriends.com/light.asp?ID=728
  5. Thanks guys! This will be our first child so this is all pretty exciting!
  6. If you are coming up i can definitely get you some coordinates and put you on more lake trout than anyone could ever handle about 7 miles off of grand portal which is in the pictured rocks. You may pick up some stray salmon but don't count on it to be truthful:(
  7. This one enjoys fishing almost as much as i do. She has gotten sick a couple of times but has never let that stop her...she just grabs a bottle of dramamine. What a trooper!! I only made a couple of my 40 some trips last year without her. Some would say that is because she is a card carrying chippewa:no: She will be pregnant through this whole season so i had a great excuse to go and buy the simrad ap to make it bearable without her:lol: Always unhooks her own fish!! This one was her first Lake Michigan king....rigged and landed it herself This one would have been illegal last year if it weren't for her heritage:grin:
  8. You are right on with the BRRRRRRRR Frank.....everyone is dodging icebergs out there right now!! That would be a tough haul pulling that monster...sure is a nice boat though!! This place is the "Dead Sea" after mid june. We jump ports to northern lake michigan around that time. Nothing but fat nasty greasers left...might catch one or two of them.
  9. This is an awfully long way for most of you on this site, but we are holding our annual trout & salmon spring classic memorial day weekend in the U.P. of michigan on lake superior. Generally about a 50 boat tournament. A Big thank you to Michigan Stinger, Big Jon Sports & Pro-troll who have all helped put this whole thing together. For more information, click here. http://algercounty.org/5th%20Annual%20trout%20salmon%20classic2.pdf
  10. OUCH....heard from a birdie that you are PAYING for a team in HOPES that you might beat me in the pictured rocks classic???
  11. Was that a slam....you little pecker l*c$e#!!!
  12. Bill...i cant wait to hear how your boat cuts ice!! Makes for a rough day when the launch ices in by the time you get back!!
  13. There is another fellow yooper.....welcome aboard! This is an EXTREMELY informative site!
  14. Next week?? We should be splashing the polar craft tomorrow AM! There are 2 boats trolling around out there right now probably nailing the coho. Everyone i have talked to has been limiting out on coho/steelies off the rocks at miners castle. If you need some help prepping the little boat let me know. My boat is in the shop until Wednesday or thereabouts getting the simrad ap14, trollmaster pro 2 and the honda 9.9 mounted....i am so excited i can hardly stand it!! My rig should be quite the weapon after all is said and done!!
  15. I have a new "in the box" Cannon Mag 5HS for $300.00 or will consider a trade for a Big Jon electric captains pack. Looks like a nice unit, just can't put it on a Big Jon boat.
  16. Wow! Looks like that was one hell of a nice day on the lake! Still waiting impatiently for our ice to go:angry2:
  17. Anyone running a honda 9.9 high thrust kicker? Curious as to anyones experience with this motor. I like the warranty on this motor as well as the 6 amp output at closed throttle with the electric start/tilt package for running the highlites. The tail end of my boat tapers down to about nothing so i think i am going to have to have a custom bracket made to get back far enough to clear the trim tabs which then makes the weight of the 4 stroke high thrust a possible support issue. Anyone have the same situation as i do on my boat?
  18. She is not the oldest boat, but i sure am in love with her. Got my first look of the season at her last night and gave her a nice rub down!!! Only 1 1/2' of ice left on the bay!
  19. Looks like the new limit came in handy on the shakedown cruise!! What a way to start out a year. Nice work!
  20. Mike,I think you were right....it wasn't 50.....it was #@*[email protected]# 53! That is a great song that every Chinook fisherman needs to hear! Link to the song www.piscatorialpursuits.com/boardpix/fishsong.wma
  21. I wish someone had mentioned that to me the first time i dipped the copper:angry2: That is a very good tip for a copper virgin!!
  22. Mike PURE ENVY!! Let me know how the first or second weekend in june are looking for you. I can make either one of those weekends work for my first trip on the beauty!
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