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  1. George This is my first season with my simrad ap 14, i have hydraulic steering so it was much less complicated. In the end they perform the same and you will not even know what to do with yourself on your maiden voyage with it. It is better than i ever imagined. Takes a bit to get used to the constant noise of the unit corrections in rough seas but it sure beats the alternative. The couple hundred extra for the jump from the 12 to the 14 is money well spent as you can take the control right to the back of the boat with you for use of the dodge feature. I haven't had a calm day on the water to calibrate it yet and it still holds a great course....couldn't be happier:grin: you are going to love it....it really changes fishing!
  2. Nice work terrry...once again! Man you are on the fish:eek: you are pushing last years totals already!! keep up the great reports
  3. I have a 200 hp outboard with a below deck oil reservoir and the cap is on the top of the gunwales and was left off for about a 12 hour rain. The inlet is about 3/4" and am not sure how much really got in there. My first thoughts were to pump it but thought maybe something like a seafoam additive would work to get rid of the water. I can't imagine a ton got in there but i don't want problems either. Any ideas guys????
  4. It is a VERY long run! this is just a few miles short of what it takes us to get to stannard rock....and it can be a wicked ride!!!!!
  5. Thanks for the report John! Nice to hear about the fishing again over there. My first memories of chinook fishing came from detour....and nothing has topped that fishing yet, and probably never will. I swear i remember a 23-28 lb'er every single time i was there. A fish in the high teens to lower twenty's was "just an average fish" seems crazy with the way times are now. I was hoping to get down for the detour X tourney this year but it will have to wait until next year. keep the reports coming.....hearing the word detour always puts a smile on this face!!!!
  6. Got some nice pics of the rig from another fisherman (Thanks to rusty reel) in the tourney this weekend as we were getting desperate, having only 2 fish in the well, and throwing everything we had at em....copper, wire divers, multiple color cores, SWR, stinger dive bombs, stackers, braid, in line boards, stacked big boards with nothing doing!!! Looks like we knew what we were doing though:no:
  7. Tough day on the water today.....we had an outdoor tv program riding with us and filming us catch jack %$#*. We had nice catches all week and blew our wad before the tournament. Very nice water so all in all was a fun time. We ended the day in 8th place out of 38 entered in the salmon class with.....get this 1-5lbs and 1-2lbs both kings and managed some nice footage for stinger as both fish came off of stinger size nitro nbk and stinger size craigs x-mas...they really like that craigs x-mas in this cold superior water. We did manage to edge out moonshine lures pro team by a few tenths of a pound which made us feel a little better being that they are a pretty consistent team!!
  8. Nice cold water run today 6-7 all silver, couple shakers, couple mid range (for lake superior guys:rolleyes:) and a big boy for superior weighing in at 13.6...honestly been 2 years since i have seen one boated that big on superior. Two days to early for our local tourney:angry2: stinger nitro twister, stingray NBK, Stinger hell fire and bomber long A behind a full core!
  9. Nice work pecker.....one fish is not bad for the shakedown cruise, especially in the "dead sea":)
  10. Nice work....I want to fish with the "DIRTY DOG" you guys are having one hell of a year!!
  11. Nice work guys! That is one hell of a fishery down there!!
  12. Much nicer today was only blowing 15-20. 3-3 all coho on stinger size nitro twister, stinger size nitro hell fire and 2 color core with an NBK pro chip followed by a green bomber long A. Water still only 39 down temp 41 surface.....going to be a little while before they pick up i think!!
  13. HA HA....nutjob huh....it is a sickness!! The weather service said they recorded gust up to 38mph, that must have been the one that spun us damn near 90 degrees RIGHT NOW, and I just couldn't think of a better way to get my sea legs back before the first tourney:grin:
  14. Nasty out there today!! Had both motors going and still had a hard time tracking even close to straight. Not much happening.... 5-6lb splake, small greaser and a nice king LOST:angry2:
  15. Way to get em started early mike, he will be riggin before you know it....nice work hunter!! Now that is what i call playing HOOKey!!!
  16. COLD COLD water...... from 160' on up there was only one degree difference that we found 37-38, 40 surface temp. We had some nice surprises for temps like this. 3-3 all kings 5-7lbs, two came on a double that was a damn nice way to start the year off!! Stinger nitro twister, green bubble and the new blue wiggler hit for us. lets hope for some rain, sunshine and some north blows to warm it up a little.
  17. Terry Judging by your numbers so far this season you don't need any of the help a probe can give!!! That is a nice average you have going so far...might not be any left for us in the northern part of the lake by the time you get through with em!! I have the depth raider also and couldn't be happier with it:grin:
  18. This item is sold. Thanks Jess! Hope it helps you fill that awesome fillet table you have on every trip!!
  19. I second that one on the stinger craigs x-mas...there are a lot of teeth marks on mine!!!
  20. Mike The bright side of that one is you caught the best tasting fish of the day...hands down!!
  21. Nice work Mike...bet that felt good to land the big boy!!
  22. Doesn't look like she is going to fit in the garage with the arch!!!
  23. Fish like this one are usually just a lot of weight...not much fight! The fish up to 8-10lbs out at stannard are decent fighters & good eaters. We just usually jig with light tackle which makes it interesting. Trolling out there is no fun cause they just bloat up and die. We also cast wobblers in the shallows (15'-20') right up on the rock more towards july-august and you will see 25 trout following your spoon and land one just about every cast!! Not even comparable to the fight of a salmon though.
  24. This group just posted some video on youtube of the skim ice they had to break through to get there. These guys are hardcore...there are still some BIG icebergs floating around out there!!
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