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  1. I was thinking of making some out of aluminum, has anybody tried that in the past. The original part number is 1007334. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Doug
  2. We headed out about 5:30 a.m.south west into about 80 for the water to start. We got our first fish , a shaker King in about 100 feet of water on a free slider , with lemon ice the ,mainline was @ about 55 feet. We continue the southwest troll into about 175 feet and picked a nice Steelhead on the same lemon ice on a free slider. We picked up three 10-12 lb kings trolling back and forth over our waypoints where we caught the first two. The last three kings came on a green dolphin down 45 feet on rigger. We really never marked many fish. The furthest south we were, was the north end of the dunes. We had no hits on a full core or two meat rigs out on dipsey divers . Our speed was 2.7-2.9 GPS. 170 was the best, We should have ran out deeper before setting lines. We covered alot of water before we got the second fish. Finished @ 10am.
  3. Live in Fremont but am a Muskegon grad. I will lookup Lorenz propeller next week, thanks
  4. All plans are subject to change. I launched the boat, at Cottage Grove as usual, a little later than normal, about 0630. I went to take off and hit something in the water. I then had a bad vibration when I throttled up and attempted to plane out. I did not want to scrap the day so we idled are way to the channel and fished there and in Muskegon Lake. Today was many first. The first time I ruined a prop so bad the boat shook (and I have bent some props in the Muskegon river) The first time I ever caught a fish in the channel, and the first time I ever caught a salmon in Muskegon Lake. We went 3 for 5 the biggest was 21 pounds, the others were 15lb and 16lb. We saw a lot of fish caught today in both the channel and the sand docks. Thanks to Nailer and Spoonfed for the information yesterday. I had full intentions of heading out deep for immature fish, the ones I prefer on the platter. This was my 54th trip in the old Slickcraft , and this was the only time I had a problem that altered my plans. I'm afraid the only thing I can tell you about fishing out deeper is the waves were more like 1-2 feet. Oh yes, and it was cold this morning. Thanks again Swede
  5. Thanks for the response. I will be out Friday AM. I will let you know when I return. Are the nets in the same general area as they were last week?? Looks like I have to break out the cold weather gear for the AM. Thanks Again
  6. This is my first go around in fall fishing ( I always used a borrowed trailer and the fella needed it back for Labor Day) I looked at the temp map and the water is in the mid sixties out if front. Where would a person with some years of experience start tomorrow morning. We were out last Saturday and didn't do very well 2 for 2 and about four more 1/2 second rips on the dipsey, with nobody home. I ran into to kids at the boat ramp that were 6 for 8 in front of the sand docks. Any suggestions will be appreciated Swede
  7. There were a lot of boats, and not much radio chatter inside 120 FOW. I heard on person say, "where did the fish go" We started at 545 in about 60 feet and troll out to 90 with no luck. We had several marks but nothing doing. We decided to go out to 200 fow at 7:30. It worked, 3 for 3 in the first 45 minutes, then 0 for 2 in next hour and 15. Green Dolphin down 43, took fish on riggers. A blue/green dolphin, took a fish on a full core. Best was the white w/chrome chip flasher, with a multi colored fly that looked blue/green in the water. We had that on a braid, wonderbread dipsy, back 175, on three, it took one fish, then fired twice but the next two came unbutton half way in. We had about the same flasher fly setup on the braid dipsy on the other side. It took a rip just prior to leaving, but that one got off too. That was 210 back on three. We had the place to our selves out there. At the dock we talked to two other boats. One had one, and the other just said it was slow. The deepest we got was 230 fow. 2 kings, on Steelie how about others?? Doug
  8. First off thanks to all, So is this bait fish thing why fishing seems to slow in June? Thanks to tadmdad for your reply. We saw some guys out way past us, we stopped in about 160 due to time constraints, and the fact we never have had to go out that deep to get fish in the past. We also have never ran in to conditions like that in the past either. I will have a game plan now for next time.
  9. We ran into some tough conditions here in Pentwater. We encounter bait balls, to numerous to count, and bait fish, dead, and alive floating on the surface giving the gulls a feast. On 7/3, while at the Little Au Sable Point beach, there were hundreds dead bait fish littering the beach. We had our lines set at 5:30 am both days and only manage one fish in the boat a 10lb king on a white pearl flasher, and green glow fly on a diver 120 back on 3, then and two other hits. Others at the ramp ran into the same thing. I hope these conditions past yet this week. Has anybody else ran into this? We camp here and have some of our best fishing here the last few years. We are about 6 weeks earlier this time though, I sure that has a lot to do with it. FYI Swede428
  10. Thanks folks I'm heading there now. Doug
  11. Is there any sport shops in Ludington that have a good selection of fishing tackle other than Wally World ?? Camping Silver Lake and fishing pentwater and need a few things. If posting names is a violation of the website rule please pm , me thanks. Thanks Doug
  12. I fished out of Muskegon setting lines at about 540. I planed on running out to 80 feet, but saw most people were in and shut down in 60. We were marking a lot of fish in 60 on north troll out in front. First hit was on a 3 color, inline board with a glow bloody nose DK lost that fish. Second hit was while my son-in-law was letting the three color back out. He had one color in and the lure had just went under the surface when it was hit. 17 lb 34 inch male king on the same bloody nose lure. Temp break was in that area was 48.8-56.6 on top. Next fish came on a orange/white spinner and orange/white fly on a dipsy 50 back set on three, 11 lb male king. Next small king came on a full core straight out the back on wonderbread DW glow. Last fish came on a rigger 30 down in 60 ft of water on a green flounder pounder 7lb male king. All these fish came from 5:55 and 7:00. We had one other fish on in the next three hours on a full core and a planer and it got off while it was way out. We never went out over 75 fow. From the little radio traffic it sounded like most people hit them early and then it slowed. Ended up 4 for 6. It feels better than last Saturday, I got skunked with only 1 release. Swede428
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