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  1. Congrats Silver One, Its about time u pulled the trigger!
  2. I have a heavy one 13 or 14# that we use for lakers and really deep. Works good but its a killer on my manuals with no clutch:eek:
  3. Sounds great to me. I might be slightly limited as the old lady is due June 3rd. Im sure i will be able to escape sometime. Just saw post. I agree with 2 Unreel as well.
  4. i use the DOT tape too. i used just the silver part. Works well for me.
  5. Didnt keep track of percentage but I had a great year as we normally fish only 2 guys. 2 kings over 20# landed on my boat. Didnt get to fish after Sept 1st due to school. 1st trip of the year was a 10 fish limit in March and last trip was 12 fish with 2 release for 2 man limit Sept.1st. Fished 4 ports (SH, St Joe, Lud, Manistee)this year and limited out 3 of 4 the 1st trip! Great year and new boat is a fishing machine for a 17 footer.
  6. I have fished SH many times but never saw the entrance from LAKE HURON! That's a long trip!!!!
  7. depending on what ur looking for. Are they double, trip, quads? Track or permanent? I dont believe the are adjustable or swivel. If mine didnt swivel they would grab docks bad. Just food for thought. 2 trees for $150 does sound nice too!!
  8. What a yahoo. Even going slow he cant figure out whats goin on. I think i get just as upset at non fishermen as well. Just no commonsense/respect. So whats the penalty if i buy a paintball gun and put it to use?
  9. Don ur a Manimal! Keep up the slayin buddy! Nice job, must be easy fishin up there !
  10. Went 11 for 11 with Fishwhisperer. Set lines at 545 and boxed by 815pm! Had a double and a quad with just 2 of us. Fun day. Had 8 by 7 PM. Every rod went today.125 fow best. Riggers 60-73'. Dipsy out 185-240. Blue bubble pro troll blue bubble fly w/ blue bubble fly, mnt dew spinnies with no see um's and a few other, SD Bloody Timmy UV Taped back w/ Little J BW Fly, 300 copper w/ wonderbread jplug, 225'copper w/ white crush j plug. 20.1# King was best. 4 Nice coho and 6 kings. Tagged laker released as pulling rods.
  11. 1987 Merc 70 hp outboard with quiksilver controls. I cannot get my button to push in that allows me to give the engine throttle in neutral. I often need to push this in to give gas to get engine started. Never had a prob til trying to start in dark last week. I cant get it to go in no matter what but rest of controls work fine. I had to pop engine cover and manually give throttle. Button cover is plastic and not broken. I can pull it off. Any ideas? With button off
  12. Nice job. U fellas musta had a great finish in 40 minutes. Crazyness im sure. Glad to hear fish around SH still.
  13. This is exactly what i do. I have most copper on okuma pro leadcore rods as i have had at least 3 or 4 copper rods break so far this year. No upgrades on reels and i have zero probs. Just my .02
  14. Thanks for the report Mike. Nice catch! All silver, thats awesome.
  15. At least ya got the skunk out. We all have those days that ya just cant keep em hooked. Next trip u will bat 100%. Pickled Sunshine on anything is good. Mnt DewSD has been a pretty good setup over the years for me. I like it with pickled sunshine or no see um. I do believe that it is easier to lose fish on dipsies with so much gear to shake around. When they surface and start throwing spinning things around it gives em a lotta leverage. I run my dipsies so they click out here and there. Loosen em before taking out of holder too helps. Good Luck.
  16. Nice Job! It sure took along time to post it! (6/26)lol. Great catch captain.
  17. Nice catch. Sounded like an awesome mornin:thumb:
  18. Ended 10 for 11 with Fishwhisperer. 8 kings and 2 ho's. 85fow best. We boxed out in front of Palisades. North troll best. Had a triple and a double. 300' copper w/ wonderbread jplug, 250 copper w/ET spoon, rigger 58-70' down blue protroll blue bubble fly,blue spoon w/ red head, grn flounder pounder braid dipsy out 240' white nuclear w/ blue fly, wire out 160-180 mtn dew spinnie w/ no see um, Thanks for the tips Justin and Todd. Away from the pack was a nice break. Nice to get a limit of nice fishies!!
  19. Nice job Justin. Thanks for the report and VERY helpful info buddy!!!!
  20. Hope to be outta South Haven this afternoon. Afternoons have been pretty decent this year for us.
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