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  1. I would agree as we have had a few at best early or late bites. Mid day bites might not be bad/ I just have a to adjust. Have had some good success on Moonshines but a different bunch of colors than previous years.
  2. Fishwhisperer and I ended 3 for 5. 2 Kings and a laker. 118-120fow was our best. Blue meat rigs on wire out 150-200' were best. Frog SD with Mountain Dew Fly took 2 fish. No hits on core or copper 2 trips in a row.
  3. Dang! Seamac is having a great week. Some nice pigs in there. Sweet:cheers:
  4. Nice. That is a dandy. Cant imagine the size of the lost one. Nice catch.
  5. Buy a late 80's Tiara and fully rig it out. Keep it slipped in South Haven and ill keep it cleaned up and on the fish. It will be ready and waiting!!!
  6. It was a beautiful night Mike. Glad u guys got some fishies in da box.
  7. Nice job! I thought u gave up fishing for noodling in the Grand? Glad u were able to get out. About time. Well done to u and crew buddy.
  8. PM- Ended 12 for 14 with 11 Kings and a nice steelie. Havent been to SH in 2 weeks. Fishwhisperer and my cousin Shaun from Bay City joined for a great night. 90-95fow was best. One small king and the rest were VERY nice. AM- Shaun and I ended 6 for 6 with 5 Kings and a laker. 95-110 fow was best today. Got a little bumpy for us so we pulled early. All riggers today. What worked- MS Bloody Nose, MS Do De K, Blue/Silver J Plug, White Nuclear SD with Canadian Ketchup Fly, Frog SD with Mountain Dew Fly, Blue/Grn Meat Rigs, Green Dolphin Mostly rigger and dipsy bites which i LIKE Full core(1), 200'45# copper(1), wire dipsy out 155-180', riggers down 55-90 Guess everyone was fishing up and down the coast yesterday. Nice to talk to Flyman and Eliminator out there. I could hear Mike(Supertramp) outta St Joe.
  9. There is a nice king swimmin around Manistee with a Mongolian Beef plug in its mouth. Havent fished em much but they look sharp so far.
  10. I have been running it for a few years and have had very few breakoffs, if any that were due to the line. Ive had more issues with backer and other parts breaking. I guess i feel the price of flouro "leader material" is flippin crazy. I would guess i caught at least 80 fish this year with Vanish and three 19+lb kings on the same rod with 20#vanish in 8 days. I do replace all leaders every year. Just my .02 Im sure it will be nothing but break offs tommorow!!! lol
  11. I have had pretty good luck on these this year too Don. Both sizes.
  12. craigs christmas, miami dolphin, double orange crush
  13. Thats why I dont read manuals! But maybe that radiation explains a few things about me:p Mine is about 1 ft from my head. Never heard of it being an issue. I dont know too many boats that have one farther than 10' anywhere in the boat.
  14. Fri- Fishwhisperer and i ended 3 for 7. FINALLY hit my 20# King. 3 kings up by Onekema. Sat. - Fishwhisperer and I finished 8 for 17 . Randy hit a nice 19.5 lb in AM My cousin and friend went 1 for 2 with a 19.5 lb in PM Sun.- 1 for 1 Steellie on cousins boat w/ 12 rod spread.Fished 100-430fow Mon- 1 for 2 and had to pull at 830AM. Laker and lost steelie on cous boat Belt loosened on alternator and we stopped to try to retighten. Not enough juice to fire up:( Towboat US said they could come at noon for $600-800 the 4 miles straight out to jump. We called on radio and offered a $100 for a jump. Some VERY nice gentleman in a boat "Linda's Earnings"(could be way off on name) came right over and gave us a jump. Those fine gents wouldnt take a nickel or a laker. We owe a HUGE THANK YOU to these fellas. Turns out the past karma from towing others came back! Motor started charging but dropped on way in. We had to fly thru harbor and it quite right at dock doing 10mph in a 23'cuddy. Some how we pushed enough to not grind down the glass on her. That was some show at the dock!!! All in all great weekend. We fished 30-430fow. 110-120fow was best at dark. Tough fishing but the biggest fish ive ever seen. Definitely a bit o trafficThanks to the guys that offered advice and help. Randy will have to add some pics and clarify gear as it was a blur. We lost alot of fish and some gear. What worked- 225' 45# copper with NBK took 20# and 19.5# kings and missed alot of hits, Miami dolphin down 65 on rigger, blue meat rig on wire dipsy out 150-180, Black screwball on rigger down 30', U of M frog on 250' copper, 7 color w/? , white nuclear SD w/ blue fly on wire, Killer Dolphin, MS Flounder Pounder, MS Liberty, MS Mongo Beef Plug
  15. Nice feesh!! We were up there too. Low numbers but nice size. Im waiting on pic email and ill post tonight. Nothing as big as that though.
  16. If they r working load em up. If adding too many turns them off then u might have to cut back. Sometimes u have to look at ur whole spread. Sometimes the whole spread brings them in even if they r not all getting hit. If that makes sense. Too much of all glow can be overwhelming i think. GL
  17. Havent been out since Sunday but 70-90 fow was our best straight out mostly. Fishing 45-70 down was our bet action. Slow numbers but nice fish been coming out of there. GL
  18. yes u can just run 5 colors behind the boat BUT the lead wont go as deep being higher up and not being farther back like a core fished under... if that makes sense. 2nd for me and more important if i were to target steelies i would want them out on a planer to clear the boat into more "open water".
  19. Thats what i like to hear. That would be just ridiculous. Heading there Friday. Im sure we will have the lake top ourselves.
  20. I have to agree with Nick. That'll do!
  21. Stay outta my SH!! I enjoy less people even if the fishing is not as spectacular. Ive done pretty well there and always remember Best Chance saying" if u can catch fish in the South Haven desert then u can slay em anywhere." The ride out is much shorter than Joe if u trailer. Cleaning station at launch although they have issues with season permits this year. Best part... I dont have too utilize my CPL in south haven. Wont fish st joe without it. Just dont tell everyone as i enjoy not fighting to fish. Just my .02
  22. Sat. We ended 5 for 6 with 3 kings (12-15#) steelie and a laker. 70fow was best. Pulled lines and went perchin unsuccessfully except for a nice long swim. Got my buddy Frank his first big lake fish. Sun We went 3 for 6 with a 6# brown, 16# King and a 19lb. 8oz. My biggest fish ever and just missed my 20# goal. Better keep fishing! 75fow was best. Slow numbers but lots of nice size at least! What worked: 225' 45# Copper(HOT), 200' 45# copper, 10 color, rigger down 40, 57, 65, 70; wire dipsy out 175' 11" white/green paddle w/ green fly, tin can w/ grn. moonshine fly, black screwball, mag U of m froggie, Mag grn dolphin, Moonshine Blue Jackal, MS Martini, MS Purple Nurple, Blue Monkey Puke
  23. Na thats me. We ended 5 for 6 too. Great job out there on the steelies! Ill have a report tonight.
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