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  1. Nice job! The wind really picked up around 930-10. It was worse out deeper. We pulled too, dont like whitecaps. Thanks for the report.
  2. Fishwhisperer and I headed out this morn. Ended 7 for 8. 6 Kings and a laker. Fished 630 til 10 when we got blown off with some nice whitecaps out in 190 fow. Wet ride in. Set in 85fow and turned NW til we pulled. Sexy Shad, Mixed Veggie, Green Flounder Pounder spoons were best on 250, 300' copper. Wire diver out 180 took 2. One on full core. Biggest fish was 14#.
  3. stinger early year , higher lines, or as a slider. stingrays get alot of use
  4. Im planning a trip on the Inland Waterway that goes from Cheboygan through Mullet and Burt Lake. We are planning to camp out. We r looking at August 12-15. Thinking staying 2 nights at each,.Anyone ever make this trip? Outboard boat races will be that weekend up there too. Thoughts or tips???? Never been there
  5. Green Flounder Pounder (took 3 Sat.), Mongolian Beef, Happee Meal on deep copper Bloody Nose, Agent Orange on higher core I have had great luck on the 1 oz spoons too More or less they all work darn good and all day.
  6. Mmmmmm.... Got some kings in the brine as we speak. Pics... we need pics!!
  7. Went 9 for 12. 7 kings and 2 lakers. Launched about 630 and set down in 35fow. Headed west out to 140fow. 110-135 was best. 200', 250', 300' 45# copper all took hits. Full core. Rigger down 65 with green/orange ProKing Mag took 2. MS Green Flounder Pounder took 3 on 300 copper. Wire dipsy out 180 with a Mag Mixed Veggie took 2. 3 color with a Stinger Spring Chicken took 1(Picked by our 1st time on Big Lake guy). All nice fish. Awesome day and we got Cody, 12 yr old, into his first venture at salmon.
  8. Sweet ! Congrats on the box buddy. Well done sir! All in fairly shallow?
  9. I use the reg flouro as a leader but it seems the "leader" material is a little bit harder. I havent fished enough to see a difference in production/durability. Just my .02
  10. I had fished a few boats with the Trol-A-Matic Spring Loaded Nylon Trolling Plate which is spring loaded. Comes up when u hit gas, drops down when going slow. No bending if u hit gas. I always thought they were good but dont see a lot out there. No fuss
  11. Nice. Musta been chilly as it was cold surfin the deck of the boat for an hour Sat out of SH.
  12. Big was 14#. Shoulda weighed more but they had nothing but loose saggy bellies. No baitfish in any of them.
  13. Fishwhisperer and I launched about 7 and pulled about 1130. Ended 6 for 6 with 5 kings and a greaser. 50-60fow right out front of piers was best for us. 6 and 7 color, 100' 45# Howie copper, wire dipsy out 75 on 2, and rigger down 50 took fish. Blue bubble flasher and fly, Greasy Chicken Wing, Killer Dolphin, Bloody Nose all took fish. Tough day to leave it was BEAUTIFUL!!!
  14. 20#flouro for leader on core, willis on lead, albright on copper improved clinch on terminal ends, what i grew up with:) except wire is http://www.lotsa.org/Wire%20Line%20Knot.htm 30# for dipsy flies and backer or between my braid backer and core/mono These have done me very well. Just my .02
  15. Yeah that will do it. Sweet ride. U will be fishing the Charity Islands in a half hour outta Saginaw in that. Lunds are very nice. Congrats:D
  16. Really this is ridiculous. I have been out of town for Easter and in Florida(at least i fished) but the forecast is just plain poopy!
  17. Well done. Have never broke the 20 and u did it in April. Ur having a great spring man. Keep it up bro!!!
  18. Wow Steve best of luck. Glad to hear fam is safe. Someone was looking out for ya. Hope things get settled soon for ya.
  19. Great job! Thats a heck of a king this early. Must have been crazy in the shallows man. Sweet!
  20. I fish with Randy 95% of the time. Was usually out of my small 16' but now a bigger 17'. Last year on a salmon /perch trip i think i counted 22 rods 5 rigger rods 1,2, 3,5 ,6,7,9 color core reels(Some get upgraded after ho season) 100,150,200,250,300 copper 45# 2- 1000' wire divers They look like this 19 reels- Zero Teks, I can't afford that!!!!
  21. Went with Fishwhisperer and his buddy Frank outta SH. Set lines in mud and turned south. Fished 50 fow back into 10 with only a 3# brown on a 3 color to show. Pulled lines and ran about 10 miles south. Set up in 20fow and started hitting em. Ended up 10 for about 20 with 1 brown, 1 laker and ho's. Couldnt keep em hooked. Firetiger tots were best on flatline. 23 fow was best. Beautiful day on the lake. It was like glass out there. Thanks for coming along guys!
  22. Good luck. We will be outta SH in the afternoon.
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