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  1. Planning on Manistee Trip from 8/5-8/8. If anyone is interested in trading numbers and info when they r up lets post em. Had a great trip last year and nice to be able to talk to fellow members. Hope the weather cooperates. I believe we may camp 1st night or 2 then on bigger boat. Time to crack that 20# mark Jarod Nee Hi 269-599-7420
  2. rigger 1 down 48' with a Moonshine Mongolian Beef Mag and a fixed slider mini size MS Mong Beef 10' up rigger 2 down 35' with a Mag Modified Blue Dolphin with an Area 51 slider up 10' Start setting in 50fow and head sw or nw until u get a hit then turn straight n or s, then crack a beer and play the waiting game 9 Am switch to a blackscrewball down 55 w/ Stingray craigs christmas slider Leave blue dolphin if taking hits- Killer dolphin slider and a big white paddle about 5' off bottom. 2.5-2.8 MPH SOG
  3. C'mon Frank these r for salmon not them little walleye. Offshores will be half sunk straight back with just a spoon hanging. This man wants some SALMON boards!!!
  4. Always ran walleye boards. Bought 2 tx44 this year and they rock for big coppers. I was wondering about tx 22 as i just won one at the dreamweaver tourney saturday. Great timing!
  5. Lotsa beer, big spread (color depth and size), then head deep and troll out til something goes
  6. We had some crazy currents in south haven too. Popped starboard dipsy and by the time it rises its btw high and low on port side:eek: Tough to turn. No probe here so i go by dipsy bend mostly along with rigger. just got new dipsy rods so i have a new learning "curve"
  7. Glad to hear some nice kings aroudn Bob. Well done!
  8. Ended 4 for 5 with 3 lakers and a king. TOUGH fishing. Did some shallow loops in cold water 35-45fow. Headed north and fished 95-125 then straight in at dark. Wire diver 250' Mag on 1 out with Tin Can and Moonshine green/blue fly. Wire diver Mag out 267' on 1 with Grn Dolphin Protroll and grn fly. 225' 45# Copper with blue chilly willy. 300' Copper with Blue Flounder Pounder. Blue Anchovie mag down 70 on rigger(biggest fish lost at net:mad:) Barely marked any fish. No bait. Sea fleas lightened up since last time. Glad im outta town this weekend for once. Oh well thats feeshing.
  9. We were out there too. It was tough fishing. We did a few loops in the cold water then shot north. Ended 4 for 5 but mostly small fish. Worst trip since March.
  10. We found a lot floating in early June up there. My gramps sid that meant the spawned and lots of them= lots of bait for fishies= good thing
  11. I dont fish meat but have had a lot of success lately on flashers/ flies and tin cans. These have outproduced the spoons for me lately bu far.
  12. Ended 8 for 12 with me and Fishwhisperer. 5 Lakers and 3 kings. 15# Laker was biggest and full of alewives. 110-115 fow best. Rigger on bottom with cowbells. Tin can out 185’ on mag diver, Green Dolphin with green fly was HOT on high diver set on 3 out 300’, Panty Ho on 250’ copper. That was the good, followed by 2 broken rod tips and a wire diver that broke off half way back to boat. Holy Sea Fleas!!! Cleaning station was open too. :)Another gorgeous evening but no night bite for us.
  13. a box o fish is a box o fish. Well done as usal Terry. Ur having a hell of a year.....AGAIN!!!!
  14. Well done as usual Andy. Im gonna go ahead and OK a autopilot or ur Dad on board at all times. They both work great! Thanks for the great report.
  15. Thanks for the report. 5fish in cracklin weather aint bad. Yesterday was the first time i ever saw the reels spark:eek: I could go with out that again. Nice job
  16. 250 has been one of my top rods the last few years. 200 is good as well
  17. Side Note- The guy at ramp said prob no seasonal permits this year and maybe never again. Amazing his buddy i talked to last week has one(Saw it and talked to him). What a croc at this launch. I wish there was an alternative to there BS:mad: Was told so far that we would be able to turn in receipts. So what now....... Spoonwasher please hijack this like i did urs.
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