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    Nee Hi

    She is a lean mean fish catching machine:ps-020: 16' Browning- 15HP mercury
  2. South Haven 8/20PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Went 3 for 4 with Fishwhisperer last night in the Nee Hi. Got a little wet on the way out due to "1' or less" waves(Maybe ' = meters?). Mix of copper, core, dipsy. Spoons and flies, no plug bite. Fished 100' to 145'. Didnt get any takers until 8:30 then they started firing. A double double. 3 kings-6#, 13#, 18#. Fun night as always! Randy demonstrated that deboning technique and got some tasty looking filets. __________________ Get busy livin or get busy dying "Nee- Hi" 2008 Totals: Kings-17 Cohos-13 Lakers-3 Steelies-0 Browns-0
  3. Ya made it back just in time for some great fishing. Good Luck:welcome::LemonIce:
  4. Great catch. My only question is are you guys done cleaning yet :lol:Oh wait one more, when is the fish fry?????
  5. I need coffee before i post:lol: The power pro definietly broke on the tangle, got my dipsy back from leadcore line(20 flouro) and the snap had bought 4" of PP on it. Guess i dont know on the trip one, my buddy also did that one. Thinking about bumping up to 50# as i have been having bad luck with breaks but great luck catching fish with the braid vs mono.
  6. Went 3/4 from 65-115 fow. 3 kings- 7#, 8#, 14#. Glow JPlug on braid mag dipsy 150', starting letting other 1 braid diver out to 175 and hit instantly- Mountain Dew SD with No Seeum. 6 color MS Bloody Nose got into dipsy and got off- dipsy powerpro broke- leadcore reeled in diver at least. Full core Happe Meal took 14#. Pulled lines and had power pro break tripping dipsy and on the fishi wrap deal. 30# powerpro- 3rd time out using it and it broke twice . Beautiful evening I was outta South Haven, don't know why posted here but close enough I guess!!!
  7. Nice catch. U guys have been tearing up upo there in the Musk! My only questions is where did those pants come from?????
  8. Fished 90-110 FOW. 2 fish came at 93 and 100'. No temp difference i seen, no probe. Priority1, this was my first time headed out so early. It was kinda eearrie heading into pitch blackness with no moon stars or anyting:nea: Had my jacket on and slowed down. Tough netting kings solo, did it in spring for cohos was alot easier.
  9. Fished solo. Ended up 1 for 2- 10# on 6 color MS Bloody Nose. Was getting him outta net and other rod went, nothing there by the time i was. 8color MS Flounder Pounder.
  10. Me, Dan, his son, and Keith went out about 4:30. Best luck around 80 fow.Went 4-12:angry2:. Could not get anything to stay on the line. 8 color was hot rod also. Waves were a little bigger than the 1foot or less predicted. Surprising! Had good time and got a sunburn. Jarod
  11. Went 2/2 after the sun set in about 70-80 fow. 10# King and 9# laker with some skein. King- J-plug on braided dipsy on 3 set 120'. Laker on MS Crabface on 8 color lead. Both new setups and new lures. My buddies first king. Bass was his biggest before, lkittle change for him. Former marine vet tried a little sushi when he filetted. I passed. Said was good. Jarod
  12. CAught some way back in april but have only got 1 since then. First year fishing lakemichigan.
  13. Thanks to Randy for taking this rookie out for his first tourney. Had great time with interesting weather:p. Best day of fishing i ever had. Thanks to Steve also for hosting weigh in and great food.
  14. Hello to all. I heard about site from fishwhisperer- Randy who has been a great teacher to me in the last year. I am pretty new to this side state salmon fishing but am getting addicted! Good to see some of the same guys from MS that have helped me. Good times to all and tight lines.
  15. C'mon Randy ya gotta tell em where we found the orange construction barrel from Wisconsin in 85 fow:lol: Almost netted it!
  16. Ended up heading out there it wasnt too bad. Got pounded a little on the way out. Ended up 1 for 3 with just a little coho in 115' that was hooked bad. Lost the biggest fish of my life about 10pm. Just put a pearl j plug down on dipsy 110' back in less than a minute it was screamin. Got up to the boat and my buddy could not get in the net and the fish freaked. (Randy ur right im getting a bigger net tonight) Broke my 25# XT leader even with the snubber. Could not turn fast with other lines in and watched my glow plug float away. Quite exciting and frustrating!!!!!. Marked alot of fish in 85-90 fow. Glad i went out though. Tight Lines, JArod PS Randy i dropped my phone in boat water. Can u pm me ur number
  17. Wondering if anyone is near big lake for a quick report on heights. Pretty windy in Kzoo and dont wanna drive if bad out there. Thanks:confused:
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